Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Batman and Juliet

So this reading week, one of the things I worked on was the Game Design polished prototype assignment we had. This blog post is dedicated to that.

Game Design and Production - INFR 2330

Our task was to make a game based on a Shakespeare play. We could do one that was either physical or digital, and I really wanted to make a digital game. I ended up proposing that we do a game based on Romeo and Juliet, but you play as Batman and you try to stop Romeo from killing himself.

Now, the way I came up with that idea stemmed from a conversation I had with Lucas a few weeks ago. We were talking about Batman for some reason, and he said that back in high school, he had to write an alternate ending to Romeo and Juliet. Since we were talking about Batman, I interjected and asked him if he wrote an ending where Batman threw a batarang and knocked the poison from Romeo's hand, therefore saving the day.


He said that that wasn't what he did, and he did something else instead. It was something less exciting.

Anyways, so I had that idea in my head when I said we should do a game with Romeo and Juliet, so that's what we did. In terms of gameplay, you play as Batman and the game is essentially a 2D platformer that's in a 3D world. It plays like any other platformer where you traverse from one end of the level to the other.

Nanananananananana Batman.

At the end of the level you enter a new level. After 13 levels you beat the game and you are rewarded with a scene where Batman throws a batarang and it knocks the poison from Romeo's hand.

That's the only win condition in the game. While you play the game, lines from Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet are displayed on the bottom of the screen and it essentially counts down the last few moments of the play. If the player takes too long to beat all 13 levels, then Romeo drinks the poison and he ends up dying.

Didn't even gg, so bm.

Another way that you can lose is if you were to fall too many times while traversing through the levels. If you fall too many times, then you also lose. There are enemies that are scattered throughout the level that you can defeat with a batarang, and if you touch them they bounce you back and in attempt to knock you off the level.

At first I wanted the game to be a straight platformer where you collect antidotes, but then we realized that that wasn't the must exciting game, so instead we changed it so we added the enemies and the batarang.


Intermediate Computer Graphics - INFR 2350

So for this game, this was the first game where I actually used shaders. Unfortunately they don't do that much. All of the transformations and texturing are done in shaders, and the biggest use of them was for the particles. The snow particles were done entirely on shaders, which is great.

I essentially just used the particle system I made and ported it into the game. I wanted to do other things with shaders, but I had a lot of issues with the game already so I ended up not having time to do other things. A big issue we had was with texturing though.

My building got owned by a transparent texture.

For some reason a lot of our textures didn't work properly. For example the textures that we had transparency in actually cut through the geometry of the level too, so it ended up making things look kind of weird.

Another issue we had with textures was that the character textures would spaz out when the character moved. I managed to minimize the impact for Batman, but I couldn't do it with Joker's hentchmen, so unfortunately when you play the game the enemies are constantly flashing.

Batman is angry at bad textures.

My shadering skills definitely need to be improved for our GDW game. 

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