Monday, November 5, 2012

INFR 3110 - I am Winnar

So I'm pretty much at 60 experience.

I have all the questions I need shown and accepted by Saad and Buckstein, and all of them are handed in and I'm just waiting for acceptance on Blackboard. But I am essentially at 60. So yay, first person to 60. I lost to Gordon in Graphics last semester, but I ended up beating him to max this semester, so yay.

Winnaring, not Winraring. (Wikipedia)

So I would like to take this blog post to go over the questions I did on my path to 60. Maybe this will help some people, maybe it wont. But anyways, for my easy questions I did the lighting one, the arm one, the dynamic texture one, and the tree one.

Since those have already been cycled out, I won't go into them. The first medium question I did was the solar system one. This is probably the easiest question out of all the mediums. I know a bunch of people already have it done to get to 20, but if you haven't done it already, get this one done.

Some people seek to understand the universe; I create them.

It's honestly the easiest one. All this is is just understanding how parenting works in Ogre with scene graphs. Scene graphs were on our midterm. Everyone should understand how they work by this point. Hardest part of this is to get all the information in, but that's not even hard, merely just tedious and time consuming.

The second medium question I did was the OgreLog Tool. This is probably the second easiest medium question given that you know how to use .NET or MFC. Or are willing to learn and have a capacity to learn it in a non-painful time frame.

You see me (b)logging, you hatin.

The parsing of the actual file is easy. Everyone should know how to parse an OBJ file by now, and if you can do that (and understand how), then you can parse this file. Luckily for me I was somewhat familiar with MFC going into this, so it wasn't hard to learn how to do the Windows stuff, but it's definitely learnable.

Afterwards I did the medium AI question. I was considering going up to hard, but I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Again, this question is pretty straightforward. I mean most of the components of this question were on our Animation homework questions as easy or medium ones.

God I love the flocking one.

Seek, flee, arrive, wander, flocking were all on the Animation homework. Pursue and evade are like the same as seek and flee, but with a small extrapolation. That was a year ago, people should know how to do those know. All you need is basic physics knowledge. The hardest part is getting the lines to draw and display properly, but even that isn't that bad.

The last medium question I worked on was also the last question I handed in, the camera question. It seemed kind of like a mission at first, but after actually reading it it wasn't that bad. Hint, use more than one camera.

Dem frustums.

Figuring out how the camera works in Ogre is fairly straightforward. All you need to know is how to position them relative to an object, which is pretty simple. Bam, you pretty much have the question done. Now you just need to figure out how to make it look at things, and then use Ogre's built in Frustum class to find the frustum points. 

The only hard question I did was the sound question. This one is by far the easiest hard question. Everyone that actually did their own assignments in our Sound and Audio class last year has like half of the question done already.

Most exciting screenshot.

Congrats, you should have half the question done. The other half of the question is actually new, and requires you to learn how to use DSP. Which is even built into FMOD, so all you really need to figure out is how DSP can be accessed, and which function you need to call from there.

So that pretty much wraps up the medium and hard questions I did to get to 60. Honestly most of these are pretty straightforward. Half of every question should be completely intuitive for everyone that got to third year of their own merit. The other half requires a bit of learning/researching, but isn't really that bad.

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