Monday, December 3, 2012

INFR 3330 - Game Design Look Back

So I already did a look back for Engines, now it's time to do a quick look back for Game Design.

Similarly to Engines, I didn't really have any concrete expectation of this course going into it. I just expected to do less board games and more Unity games. That actually came true, since we've done less board games and most of our assignments were digital games now, mostly involving Unity.

UNITYYYYY (Wikipedia)

In terms of the course content, I actually enjoyed it pretty much. It might not show all the time, but I'm actually pretty interested in the stuff that is taught in the course, but I'm terrible at staying attentive in lectures. Especially when I'm tired, in which case I don't do well in any lecture.

The would say overall though, I liked the assignments for this class more than for Game Design I. It was nice not needing to make as many board games, and having a focus on digital games is awesome. I especially liked the Portal 2 assignment, since I thought that was pretty cool how we were using Portal for homework.

I'm just re-using old blog pics by this point.

Still, they were a lot of work. Aside from GDW, this class is definitely the class that has the most work. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when GDW crunch time comes around, it does get fairly miserable. Especially when you have to rush assignments just to have them done and everyone is disappointed by the quality.

Regardless though, I had a bunch of fun making some of the prototypes and homework for this course, and it feels kind of weird knowing that I won't be having anymore Game Design courses. Anyways, back to working on deliverable for this classes GDW requirements.

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