Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The End of Third Year

Man. So I'm like officially done with third year. Feels kinda weird haha. I'll be heading into my last year of university and I'm done with GDW.

Semester Recap

This semester was ok. Last semester I thought this semester was gonna be a lot more easygoing than last semester, but I was totally wrong. In fact I would say it was on par, if not even more busy. Not necessarily because of courses, but also because I was doing a lot of stuff outside of coursework.

In terms of courses, I only took four courses this year. The mandatory core Game Dev courses in Networking, Animation and Filmmaking and the one elective in Cybercrime. When I was deciding whether or not I wanted to take a spare this semester, I figured it would be a good call. It totally was a good call.

Not terribly surprised that this is a phone card company name. (Carteinter)

Networking was fun. Probably my most enjoyable course this semester. The lectures themselves were kinda dry though, and I wish we actually had tutorials. We went over some pretty cool stuff, but we couldn't really do too much outside of the stuff we learned in the first half of the course though. Regardless, I liked learning about sockets and stuff.

Animation was ok. Honestly just another art course in my eyes. Animating is fun sometimes, more fun than modelling I would say, but at the end of the day I rather be programming >_>

Here's a random frame of the cutscene I made.

Filmmaking was also ok. I took Comm Tech in high school and honestly I felt like it was the exact same course in the sense that I didn't really care about the lecture material and I just had to make videos. I also think making videos is fun sometimes, but when there's so much other stuff I rather be working on (GDW), it's like, again, rather be programming >_>

I felt that Animation and Filmmaking had a lot of shared overhead though. A lot of stuff we learned in both courses were the same such as camera work and lighting. Obviously one is digital and one is not, but it's still the same techniques.

Here's the final video we made starring Brodie as our thumbnail guy.

Cybercrime was surprisingly a pretty good course too. I only really took it because I knew people taking it, but I actually found it pretty interesting. A lot of common sense stuff, but at the same time its still presented in a somewhat interesting way. Not a big fan of the reports and presentations though.

Overall, ok semester. Lots of work, lots of not very fun times. But at the end of the day, here I am. I'm alive and that's the main goal. Made it through the semester with some solid work done, learned a decent amount, and tried to have some fun along the way too.

Our GDW game looks pretty awesome.

Summer Plans

So last summer I went to Hong Kong for an internship. This summer I won't be going to Hong Kong. However I also won't be staying in Canada. A ton of people already totally know where I'm going, but for those who don't I'm not going to spoil it. But I'll be leaving next week.

Here's a hint.

I'm really bad with hints. (Wikipedia)

Should be fun. I'll be resuming weekly blog posts once I arrive, focusing on the stuff I work on, stuff I do, things I eat, and things I see. I'll be posting updates most likely every Friday or Saturday, so stay hyped!