Tuesday, May 21, 2013

European Research Exchange - Lots of Stuff

Oh man, so this week a lot of stuff happened. Lots of things done and eated and seen, lots of walking and lots of being tired. I guess I'll start from the beginning and do a quick rundown of what I did. So either this is going to be a really long post, or I'm not gonna do the things justice. Most likely the second one since I'm tired haha.

Anyways so the first thing I did this week was take a walk through Tempelhof Airport. Yes, airport. So in the past there was this airport in Berlin which they decided to stop using. So now it's a giant park. So people go in there and cycle and run and barbeque and launch kites and whatever. But it's legit just an empty airport.

I'm on a runway.

It's pretty cool. Very relaxing and giant. It's also really big. I walked from one end to another and it took like half an hour. It sucked cause it was hot and I was wearing my backpack with my laptop in it. But it was pretty cool.

Afterwards I met up with Patrick, a prof from UOIT. He came to Berlin for two days to visit, and it was nice seeing him. Spent some time talking with him about stuff and also eating with him. He brought me out to a Biergarten for lunch and I had my first authentic German meal.

Apparently white asparagus is pretty ok. I'd eat it. Sometimes.

There were a few other meals too, and honestly they were all great. Patrick only stayed for two days though since he's off on other adventures. Such a busy man.

So starting Friday to today (Monday), there was the Karneval der Kulturen. Or the Carnival of Cultures. Essentially it was a street carnival where there were lots of booths where people sold food and drinks, random things and of course had performances.

It also happened in front of this cathedral, which I thought was pretty cool.

It was pretty cool, I'm not very big on the whole dancing to music thing though, so I didn't stay too long for that. But on Sunday I went again because they had a parade. The parade was more interesting since each car represents and organization or culture and they pretty much just had fun.

It was really interesting because it's a very informal parade. Like you can just follow or stay in front of each car as long as you dont get in their way. So near the end it was like a giant street party where hundreds of people would follow a specific car/truck with music and just dance or whatever

You know there's a lot of smokers when you're not sure if the haze is from a barbeque or not.

Again, if you're in to the whole dancing and music thing I'm sure it would be a blast. Not really my scene though, so it was mostly just an observation thing for me. Also the event was really long, I was there for six hours and didn't even see the last 20 or so cars.

I did more walking today since it was another holiday. Since it was a day off I went to the zoo today. The Berlin Zoo apparently houses the most animal species in the world, and is apparently really nice, so I decided to go. It was actually a pretty nice zoo.

Theres some mountain goats on there.

It's really cool, because they designed a lot of the exhibits very "naturally". So it's not always like, a glass/acrylic/metal cage or something, or a very obvious pen. A lot of them are formed naturally out of the ground, and have moats to separate the people and the animals.

They also had a lot of animals. And of course lions. It's really funny actually, since they have an indoor and outdoor exhibit for lions. In the indoor one you can get really close to them, like one meter away from a metal cage. Also apparently the lions like to troll people and spray their pee into the crowd.

So I can now say my friend got peed on by a lion.

I luckily didn't stand in the front lines, and managed to back off in time. But it was pretty hilarious.

They also had an aquarium, but it wasn't that big and didn't have a giant shark tank. But they did have a reptile and amphibian section, which was totally not cool. However overall the zoo was really nice. Totally worth a visit.

It's worth it to flamingo. Ha ha. ha.. >_>

Next week I'm planning on hitting up a BarCraft. WCS Europe finals are going on, and it should be awesome.

Oh I almost forgot. I also found a Chinese supermarket so I can finally cook my beloved Asian veggies. Also for a night and morning the water pipe in my building broke so I ended up washing my hair from a hose/pipe on the street. Fun times.

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  1. You've been there three weeks and now you finally had your first authentic German meal? lol