Monday, May 27, 2013

European Research Exchange - So Many ESPORTS

So this week I decided to just rest and relax a bit. Been walking too much and my legs were hurting, so I didn't really want to move. Also my hands/wrists are hurting from using the computer too much, so I wanted to get off the computer too.

Luckily I had an easy solution to this dilemma. There's a bar in Berlin that opened back in February. I read about it in like December or January, and I knew from then that I needed to come check out this bar. So this week I spent a lot of time at Meltdown Berlin.

Favourite bar.

This is a special bar. It's not like your traditional bar where you go to drink and watch like Soccer or Hockey on the TVs. No, this is an eSports bar. A bar where they have professional video game competitions (like StarCraft tournaments) broadcasting instead. So naturally I had to check it out.

I found out that Dario "TLO" WΓΌnsch, a German progamer was going to be at the bar on Wednesday, so I had to go. It's not too far or out of the way too, so it's in a nice location. When I got there I was kind of early, but the next thing I know TLO appears next to me, shakes my hand and sits down next to me.

No big deal, just hanging out with TLO.

So that was an awesome night, there wasn't that many people there, so it was nice for conversations. Talked to him for like two hours. It was kind of surreal actually, because I've watched this guy on stream many times, but all of a sudden he was no longer just a guy on stream, but now hes an actual person.

This weekend was the World Champion Series (WCS) Europe finals, so obviously I had to go watch them at Meltdown. TLO was actually playing on Saturday against MVP but unfortunately he lost and everyone was sad. It was pretty crushing. Luckily he did better on the following day.

Two guys playing random MOBA games while StarCraft is on.

I went back again yesterday (Sunday) for the fifth place matches and the finals. TLO did a lot better and managed to win two matches and get fifth in the tournament, which is fantastic. Afterwards I stayed for the finals and pretty much just spent the entire day there.

It was a pretty long day, but pretty fun as well. Met a bunch of people and had a good time watching some good StarCraft. Definitely a lot better spectating atmosphere at Meltdown than at home.

Drinking a Spawning Pool while watching the finals.

So I'm planning on going more often. Definitely for the big events.

I really want to watch some of these games live though, so maybe. If it works out I might haha, Cologne isn't toooo far.

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