Monday, July 8, 2013

European Research Exchange - Dresden and Mountains

So this weekend was pretty fun. On Saturday one of my friends rented a car, so we went on a mini road trip to Dresden and the surrounding area, which is located to like the east side of central Germany. The trip started out kinda rough, but we quickly smoothed things out and went on our way.

We drove down to Saxon Switzerland, which is like a mountainous area near the border of the Czech Republic. There are some pretty sweet naturey areas in that region, and it was pretty nice. After doing some pathfinding in the mountain near Bad Schandau, we found this sick outlook.

We had to like, walk through some sketchy paths to get here since we missed the legit path.

Afterwards we wanted to look for this mountain bridge thing, but we had no idea where it was or what it was called. We didn't have a data plan, and our car GPS didn't work, so we were just like, we'll just drive and we'll find something eventually.

So we almost actually drove into the Czech Republic, but we turned around and took a different path instead. Eventually we found a little waterfall, so we stopped there and took some pictures.

Is it just me or does the water look glowy?

We couldn't figure out where that bridge thing was, and it was getting kinda late, so we figured we'd just drive to Dresden for dinner, but if we saw anything cool along the way we'd stop and explore.

Eventually we found something else that we wanted to see, a fortress on top of a mountain. We drove to the top and we found out the fortress actually was closed to the public at 6:00. It was 6:30 when we arrived, so we were kinda bummed out.

It's literally like, built into the mountain. Or built out of the mountain.

Since we were already there, we figured we'd walk around on the outside. Little did we know there was actually a tour going into the fortress, so we totally just joined them. So we went inside, and I was already thinking to myself, there's a lot of like, middle aged people here in suits.

But we didn't really think too much about it, we were in the fortress and it was pretty nice. The best part though, was when you got to see the view. It was awesome.

Nature is pretty good.

This was also around the time when we realized that we totally were not supposed to be there since they opened up some champagne and gave everyone a glass. Then we found out it was actually some company's trip, hence the guys in suits. So as three people in our early 20s, clearly we were out of place.

That's when we decided to like, casually leave when we could. Eventually we made it back to the entrance, but apparently the door was locked. So we were like damnit, we're locked into this fortress. We ended up finding an alternative exit though, so we made it out ok. But that entire experience felt very Assassin's Creedish with the whole historical fortress and what not.

Look at how sick this sun is. So sick.

Afterwards we finally decided to get to Dresden. So we got there and ate dinner before exploring. And man, Dresden is a beautiful city. They have water flowing through the city, so there's like bridges and stuff. In the background you have this giant, awesome historical buildings all lit up, and it just looks really nice.

There was also apparently some festival/event/concert going on, but I have no idea. I was more focused on the other stuff going on in the city. I'm a pretty big fan of lights and water.

See, that looks so cool.

We got back to Berlin pretty late, and I was pretty tired. But it was a pretty awesome day. Kinda glad I got to see other areas of Germany, especially another big city. Dresden is definitely a different city than Berlin. Pretty cool.

Pretty psyched for next week, heading to Poland for a concert on Friday and I'm so excited for it haha. Also looking forward to explore the city (Wroclaw) too of course.

Sooooo hyped. (B7Klan)

Oh travelling. You're so great.

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