Monday, July 22, 2013

European Research Exchange - Just Chilling

Taking a break from some side trips, this week was pretty chills. The week itself was mostly pretty standard, with just all of the waking up, going to work, working, leaving work, sleeping, etc. Nothing too terribly exciting there.

But weekends are a different story for sure. I've always enjoyed weekends, but I wasn't like an OMG IT'S FRIDAYYYY kinda guy. However since I've settled down a bit in Berlin, I've been enjoying my weekends a lot more haha. Look forward to them every week.

Is.. Is this what it feels like?

So on Friday I went to Meltdown as usual. I didn't go last week since I went to Poland, and man, I missed it haha. Such a great place to just chill with friends. I played in the tournament like usual, and I did really well this time around.

There was a loser's bracket this week, but I never played in it. I won my first game against a Masters player and he like literally rage quitted and left the bar. Then I crushed this Silver player, beat another Masters player, and then faced a Diamond player in the winner's finals which I won before finally losing to a third Masters player in the actual finals.

As an aside they have this new soda. It's pretty much apple soda with caffeine.

So I ended up second in the tournament. Played really bad that game, but I played well in the matches leading up to it, so it was ok haha. However if there was no loser's bracket I would've won the entire thing, so bleh.

Saturday morning I woke up earlier and went to one of the local card shops in Berlin to play some Magic. They were having a Grand Prix Trial event for Prague, and despite me not going to that I wanted to play some Magic with the new cards. So I went, got some bad cards and placed horribly. But I got one money card and managed to trade it for some solid stuff though, so overall good event.

Camera orientatioooooooooooon.

Anyways so moving on to Saturday night one of my neighbours invited me to a barbeque dinner. Naturally I went, and man, barbeque pretty good. Really tasty food is tasty. Not to be a giant freeloader, I bought a case of beer too. And man. 10 liters of beer is freaking heavy. My arms are still sore and it's Monday.

It just so happened that some people I know from McGill were having like, an end of the semester meet up kinda thing. So I went and met up with them after I finished eating and we just literally just sat in a park and chilled. Really cool.

Fun fact, one of my neighbours saw me struggling to carry this back to the flat.

And finally yesterday I just stayed at home for the most part, but after dinner I went out and watched Pacific Rim with some other friends. Pretty awesome movie. Really cliche and somewhat cringey script, but the action and effects were pretty good.

But yea, so ends a pretty fun weekend. Heres hoping the next one will be just as awesome haha.

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