Monday, July 29, 2013

European Research Exchange - So Freaking Hot

The last few days were so freaking hot. Like so freaking hot. Today is much better since it rained and now it's cooler. But over the weekend it was so freaking hot. Like feels like 40 degrees hot. It was so painful. As a result I spent most of my time inside, but I went out for a bit.

I met a guy from Denmark here back in May, and he left Berlin on Friday, so we went to celebrate on Wednesday. We met at Meltdown and so we naturally went back there. It was Dota night though, so I was just kinda watching Dota. Didn't really know what was going on.

Also Mousesports totally came to Meltdown on Friday after their match. My friend missed it. But so did I since I don't care about Dota >_> (Wikipedia)

I went shopping on Saturday since it was so freaking hot I needed some shorts. So I went out and got shorts. They're comfy. Also apparently the mall I went to had air conditioning. Like I wasn't sure, but when I went inside, I felt cooler.

And then I walked around a bit more, and I was like. Yea, there's totally a bit of air conditioning going on. And it was fantastic. As a result I was in that mall for like half the afternoon. But seriously though. It was so freaking hot. I got a free popsicle at work the other day though, and that was awesome.

I don't know anyone that does that hand gesture.

I spent most of my Sunday indoors, but at night I went out with a friend to do some touristy things. I finally went to the TV Tower, or the Fernsehturm. It's like the CN Towery looking thing in Berlin, but it's like half as tall, so it isn't as exciting. It wasn't that exciting. It had a cool view, and made me realize a few things about the city, but it was ok.

Afterwards we went to the Brandenburg Gate. We've both been there before, but not during the night. It's supposed to be a lot nicer at night, so we went and it was actually nicer.

It was also less hot at this point.

I was planning on going at night eventually anyways, so it was good. After that we wandered around the area a bit and checked out a few more touristy areas. Initially we were planning on going to the Reichstag building as well, but apparently it requires an appointment or something, and it was full for the week.

But we still went, just didn't go inside. The building looked pretty cool. Really big and imposing. However they had this like, show? Or something right next to the Reichstag building about the Berlin Wall. That was pretty cool.

So colourful.

I'm not sure if it's like, a thing or not. But there were a bunch of people there watching the show. But it also seemed very casual. I wouldn't be surprised if it was like a nightly thing, but I have no idea.

But yea, overall very hot week. It was nice to kinda just walk around the touristy areas again at night. Things are different at night. But between going up the TV Tower and visiting the Reichstag building (despite not going inside), I think I covered all the touristy places I want to go in Berlin.

The view from the tower was ok btw. It's pretty expensive to just go up there to look at things.

Anyways, next week is the Berlin Beer Festival. I have a few friends from UOIT coming to Berlin during that time, so it should be pretty fun.

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