Monday, August 19, 2013

European Research Exchange - Last Weekend in Berlin

So my time here in Germany is rapidly decreasing. Last weekend was my last weekend in Berlin since I won't be here this weekend. I'm not leaving Germany just yet, but I'll be going to Cologne for Gamescom, which is why.

I'm pretty excited for Gamescom, but before that, I need to recap my last week! So Friday was supposed to be my last day at work, but because I have a few more things I need to finish up before leaving, here I am on Monday back at work. Tomorrow will be my absolute last day since I'll be going to Cologne on Weds.

In the meantime, R. Ugh, R.

After work on Friday I went to my final StarCraft II tournament at Meltdown for the foreseeable future. My best finish up until now was a second place finish (which I would've totally won if it wasn't for that loser's bracket..), so my goal was to win the tournament.

I managed to beat my friend in the first match, but then I got matched up with the eventually winner of the tournament in my second round. Naturally, since he won the tournament, I ended up losing. I got eliminated a bit earlier than I wanted to, but there really wasn't too much to do about that.

Don't worry, I'll be back eventually to win the tournament.

On Saturday I went to go shopping. I wanted to buy a new pair of shoes since one of the pairs I had was getting pretty nasty, and it was pretty worn out. Plus on Friday night when I was coming home some drunk girl threw up on the train and my shoes got some splash damage.

Luckily I had some friends to block most of the splash, but a bit got on my shoes, so that tipped me over to buying a new pair. I went back to pretty much the only mall I buy things in, Alexa, and ended up getting some pretty ok Viet food before buying a pair of shoes.

Old on left, new on right. If you zoom you can see the vomit stains.

I also found this one bubble tea place oddly enough. So I ended up getting a green apple green tea. It was ok. Nothing too special. However what was special was this caramel ice cream I got sometime last week. Man. It's like, caramel ice cream covered in caramel chocolate. So good.

After my shopping and stuff I just went home and worked on stuff. Pretty much the same deal on Sunday. So nothing too super special this weekend, just mostly taking it easy and stuff. Oh, I also bought some grilled chicken for lunch on Sunday and it was given to me in a paper bag.

Seems legit.

I've been slowly wrapping things up here in Berlin, and soon enough I'll be gone. But first things first, Cologne on Weds. Gonna be so sick. Depend on the time I get back on Monday, I may or may not do a blog post on Monday. Stay hyped for the #ESPORTS.

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