Monday, August 5, 2013

European Research Exchange - The Legend of Jesse the French Canadian

So Jesse came to Berlin for the weekend. At one point I thought about just having that line as my blog for the week, but I figured I'd expand on it a bit more haha.

So for people who don't know, Jesse is my friend that went to HK with me last year. He went to Portugal for an exchange this summer, and after he finished work his first stop on his Euro trip was to Berlin.

In a nutshell.

Anyways so he arrived on Thursday so I picked him up at the station and after he dropped off his stuff at his hostel I took him sightseeing around Berlin. So that was like, the second week in a row I was kinda just chilling in downtown Berlin at night, and it was pretty fun.

Again, the city is a lot different at night. We went to similar places like I went to last week, but we went to like a few other places that I haven't been to at night either.

Lights make all the difference.

Friday was once again StarCraft night at Meltdown. Being the alpha nerds we are, we obviously had to go to Meltdown. It was 2vs2 night too, which worked out perfectly. Unfortunately we lost pretty hard in the first game. But whatever, it was fun.

Saturday was the Berlin International Beer Fest. Which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. They had like a two kilometer road where they just had a bunch of booths serving beer and random food.

They also had green beer.

So essentially how it worked was that you could buy one of those mugs for 3.5€ (as an aside apparently if I hit num lock and then Alt + mjk8 I can type the Euro sign) and then you can get it filled up at most booths for 1.5€. The mug itself is only 0.2L, so it's not the cheapest deal in the world, but they had a lot of variety.

Plus obviously you get a sweet commemorative mug, so that was fun. Afterwards we went back to Meltdown because I met a guy whos going to Canada for an exchange in a few weeks, so Sat was his farewell party.

I don't have any pictures of the past weekend, but here's me awkwardly playing on a laptop last week.

I was invited to a barbeque on Sunday, so that's what we did yesterday. It started off kinda badly though, since I told Jesse to meet me at a station at 4:30. But apparently there was some sort of accident at one of the previous stations so the trains weren't running to my station.

So I was like. That's not good. He had no German number, no data plan, so I had no way to reach him. So I went back to my flat to see if I could find him on Facebook in case he found some wifi, and after almost an hour the door bell rang and apparently he just took a taxi. What a guy.

Rooftop barbeque? Woot woot.

The barbeque was pretty fun. But man, bees. Bees everywhere. They went away after a bit, but for the first hour or two bees everywhere trying to steal our food.

Overall fun but tiring weekend. This next week is probably going to be a rest week for me haha.

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