Sunday, August 31, 2014

KGSP - A New Adventure

So, I started a new adventure, so that means I'm starting up my blog again! I got accepted into the Korean Graduate Scholarship Program (KGSP), which is a scholarship program funded by the Korean government. It essentially means that they are paying me to go to Korea, learn Korean, and do my masters.

This is a pretty cool program as you can imagine. Right now, I'm in Daegu at Keimyung University and I'll be started my language training tomorrow. Afterwards, I'll be going to KAIST to do my masters in Industrial Design. I've always wanted to live in Asia and learn a new language, so this is like the best thing ever.

Korean food is also delicious.

I've been here for a few days now, and for the most part I've been doing a lot of settling in, meeting new people and exploring the city. KGSP is awesome because we have around 100 people at this university learning Korean, and we cover around 50 countries. So pretty much everyone you meet is from a different country so that's been really cool to get to know everyone.

I've learned a lot about many other countries in the last few days, and met some really cool people, so it's already been an amazing experience. I also started to explore the city a bit too. Daegu isn't the most exciting city in Korea, but it has some cool stuff to look at. For example, yesterday me and some friends went downtown to walk around and we found this cool church.

It's pretty cool.

Apparently Daegu is one of the most Christian cities in South Korea, which was something I didn't know. To be honest when I did some research on what there was to do in Daegu, it didn't seem like there was too much, so it was cool to just find cool things like this.

When we arrived, we took a bus to the school and along the way I saw this tower. Now, I'm pretty big on towers, so I definitely wanted to go check it out, so I went today with some friends. The tower was pretty alright, nothing too special but it gives a nice view of the city, which is always good.

Daegu is pretty much in a crater surrounded by mountains.

Overall I'm having a good time. The highlights of my trip so far are definitely the people I've met. It's really interesting to meet new people from other countries since they give a whole new perspective on things and know a lot of things I don't know. My Korean classes start tomorrow so hopefully I'll also have a good time with the classes. Should be a nice and refreshing break from programming all the time!

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