Tuesday, September 23, 2014

KGSP - Tiring Break

So last week being Chuseok was a break from school. This week I had another break, but not because of holiday. My sister got married on Saturday, and so I went back home to Canada for a few days to be with my family.

As a result I was able to miss four classes and go home. It was super, super, super tiring with having to deal with the jet lag and having to do wedding stuff. Also because of that I wasn't able to do my blog on Sunday, so here I am doing it now.

But I found out that Incheon airport has a small history museum.

Being able to go back for my sister's wedding means a lot to me, so I was really glad I got to do that. I just got back to my dorm at Keimyung, so I'm gonna keep this post short and head to bed. Super happy that my sister is married, super happy I have a really cool brother in law.

No idea when the next time I go back to Canada is either though, so this was a really memorable
trip for many reasons.


Also side note, when I was going back to my dorm tonight, it was raining really hard. I was lugging my suitcase, PS3 (because why not) and my backpack up the mountain and was super miserable and wet when this Korean girl runs up next to me and shares her umbrella. Super shocking and unexpected.

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