Sunday, November 30, 2014

KGSP - NEAT and Stuff

As opposed to the action packed week I had last week, this week wasn't as exciting. For the most part it was just class as usual. However on Wednesday we had to do an English proficiency test. Don't ask me why, but the Korean government wanted all the KGSP students to do it.

So we went and did NEAT, which is a new English test made by the Korean government. I have a feeling they wanted us to trial it for them, so we did. As a native English speaker, it was fairly easy. I'm not sure if I got perfect though. I zoned out a few times during the listening portions since it was so slow.

Neat (NEAT).

It was actually harder than I thought it would be. A lot of the answers had to be deducted from the question based on the context, rather than just hearing keywords and marking them down. But yea, it was English so I finished 20 minutes early.

Despite that though, a lot of people didn't finish, even if they were a native speaker. It was actually really long. The last few questions took up a full page to answer a single multiple choice question. One of my favourite questions was an email to a British guy saying how they got used to living in England, especially after almost getting run over by a bus.

My friend took this picture. But I'm assuming these busses are dangerous.

And there was another question that was like, a mail from a restaurant owner to a customer. Then one of the questions was like "so what is the food item that the customer most likely ordered?" and there were four pictures of food.

I was like what. How is this English. Why is this on there. But it was.

Speaking of food, I had this today. Yum.

But yea, other than that it wasn't super exciting. Did some shopping downtown and stuff. Still doesn't feel like winter. It's practically December but it still feels like October. Sigh.

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