Monday, November 24, 2014

KGSP - Geojedo, New Semester and GSTAR

Man, after a few weeks of not really doing too much, I had like an overload of stuff this past week. Since our semester ended last week, we had a few days off for our "semester break". Part of that was a government sponsored field trip to Geoje.

We were supposed to go to Jeju, but apparently they didn't have enough funding for that so we went to Geoje instead. I was ok with it though, because I would never go to Geoje normally, so it was a free trip to a place I wouldn't have gone to.

It's an island you can drive to because of that bridge in the distance.

That was a surprisingly fun trip. On the first day we went to a famous cliff by the ocean and got to take in some of the natural beauty in that area. That was a pretty cool spot to go to because it was literally a rock cliff by the ocean.

So not only was the view really cool, but it was pretty fun to just like, climb around the rocks and try not to die. We ended up skipping some rocks by the beach they had there too, which meant I was sore for like a week because climbing rocks and throwing rocks are a type of physical activity.

Cool view from a windy cliff.

After that we went to a stone beach, which is pretty much just a big beach that has rocks instead of sand. Wasn't super exciting, but it was still kinda nice to walk around there and look at stuff.

We went to the hotel afterwards. And since this was a government funded trip, we didn't have to pay for it. We were all super surprised when we pulled up to the hotel and it was actually a really fantastic hotel. It was super fancy and super awesome. Wish we could've stayed there for more than one night.

Our view in the morning. Beats our dorm room any day of the week.

The next day we went to do more naturey sightseeing. We went to Tongyeong and took a cable car up a mountain to get a view of the ocean and the city. There, we just did a small hike up to the peak and again there was a lot of climbing rocks and trying not to die.

Super fun time was had. It's just nice to get out of the city and do things you wouldn't normally do you know?

There's me in the middle there.

The final thing we did on that trip was go into the city and check out some of the street art they had there as well as some of the historic old ships they had by the harbour. Overall pretty cool as well, but I enjoyed the nature stuff more I think.

So normally this would already be a blog post worth of content, but wait, there's more! The semester started on Thursday so I had a new class. Despite that, we just continued with the stuff we were learning from before anyways. The most interesting thing was that on the first day we went and made kimchi.

Super random. Kinda gross.

All we did was slother kimchi sauce onto cabbages, so it wasn't that exciting. Super weird though. That was also around the day when I found out that there was going to be a special StarCraft event going on at GSTAR in Busan.

GSTAR is an annual gaming convention that's held in Busan, but I wasn't planning on going since I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. But after finding out that there would be StarCraft, I grabbed some friends and planned the trip.

We waited in this line for an hour to buy tickets to get in.

It wasn't just a regular StarCraft match. It was Brood War. I've never watched Brood War live, and they had Bisu playing, who is a really awesome and famous player. I really wanted to go watch because of that.

We managed to get our tickets in time for the pre-show to start, and I was already really hyped for the games. The games ended up being fairly awesome and they were saying how they were going to do a quick signing session. I ended up being first in line at the cutoff, so I was kinda bummed out about that.

The four players.

We found out afterwards that we could totally walk backstage, so we did. It actually turned out better than if we made it into the signing because they were rushing people through. But backstage there was no rush, so we could actually talk to the players and get pictures with them.

So overall it was really awesome. Got to talk to Bisu and get his autograph and a picture with him, which is fantastic. Made the entire trip worth it right there.

When my friend said she was from Hungary he thought she meant she was hungry.

Afterwards we walked around the convention a bit. StarCraft took up most of the afternoon for us, so we only had like an hour and a half to walk around. As a result we couldn't really line up for anything, and a lot of things were wrapping up.

It was still pretty cool though. Overall the event was a lot bigger and more legit than I thought it would be. Definitely would go again next year and the year after. Probably for at least two days. Need the time to check out the games, get free stuff and network with people you know.

Mostly Korean games, but still really cool.

And yea, that was my week haha. Long post for a fun filled week. Definitely one of my favourite, if not my favourite week of my stay in Korea so far. I doubt this week will be as fun haha.

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