Sunday, November 16, 2014

KGSP - Level 1 Complete

Earlier this week apparently there was an unofficial celebration event day thing called Pepero Day. Pepero is essentially Korean Pocky. But on November 11 instead of remember the end of World War I like the rest of the world, Koreans buy Pepero and give them to people.

It's supposed to be similar to Valentines Day or something. People are just supposed to hand out Pepero to people they like, or to just give it to friends because why not? For me, it just means I get free snacks haha. I'm always down for free snacks.

Giant Pepero for breakfast? Awesome.

I've also finished the first semester of my studies. It doesn't really feel like a semester since it's only been like two and a half months, but whatever. I wrote the exam for my level 1 class on Thursday, and even thought I haven't gotten my marks yet, I know I passed.

That pretty much means I get to start level 2 on Thursday, which is kinda exciting. It's cool to kinda experience an objective measure of progression. Everything still needs more work, but I can already feel my Korean improving with each passing week.

Our class with two of our teachers.

We had to dress up in Hanbok as part of like, the end of semester celebration. I thought it was kinda silly, plus mine didn't really fit well. But whatever, cultural exchange and all that stuff right?

Yesterday I went skating for the first time in Korea. The lounge here had an activity that foreigners could sign up for, so I signed up for that because the occasional skating trip is pretty fun. As usual it's fun seeing people skate for the first time.

I noticed a disproportionate female to male ratio for this event.

Aside from all that the week wasn't all that exciting. Our "semester break" technically started on the Saturday, but in reality we only have the weekend off and three days. Two of those days are for our field trip so we only really get one additional day off.

Regardless, free time is cool. Finally got back to some programming today. Hopefully I'll be able to get more done in the next couple of months. I wanna actually get back into game deving so I don't get rusty. But that will have to wait until Wednesday, because tomorrow I'm heading to Geojedo!

I have no idea what's here, but hey, free trip (Wikipedia).

Should be fun I think.

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