Sunday, December 27, 2015

KGSP - Christmas in Seoul

Well, Christmas is over. That was a pretty fun one though. Last year I just stayed in Daegu and hung out with friends. This year I went to Seoul and hung out with friends. Different city means different things to do so it was pretty fun.

But before I went to Seoul my lab mates wanted to have our own little party in the lab, so on Wednesday we went and bought some stuff and then spent the night making and eating fun little Christmas snacks and food.

I made this demon bear thing.

That was pretty fun. I don't hang out with my lab mates like that often, so it was nice. Following that day I went to Seoul to meet up with some friends. Every day was pretty much just hanging out with people and stuff so it was nice.

But man, going to Seoul is cool and all, but apparently like infinity people also decide to go to Seoul during Christmas. Go figure. Even just walking platform to platform at the transfer station took like 20 minutes.

Ugh people.

Aside from there being a ton of people everywhere, it was still fun. Seeing friends is always fun. Then yesterday I went to watch the GSL Pre-Season semis and finals with some friends. That was pretty fun too.

First Legacy of the Void event I went to. The semis were kind of unexciting but the finals were pretty fun. After the people cleared out me and my friends had some fun on the stage too. I don't have those pictures yet but those should be kind of fun.

A bunch of foreigners sitting in the front row meant we were on camera a lot.

Overall pretty solid week. December is a pretty big strain on the bank though, but it's all worth it in the end really. Next week should be fun too considering it's New Years. Not sure what I'm going to do yet though.

Monday, December 21, 2015

KGSP - The Most eSports of Weekends

This was a planned Monday blog post. And for good reason. It was the last week of the semester and I wanted to go to Seoul to meet some friends and to just relax a bit considering how the semester took a lot out of me.

A lot of my friends were also just leaving Korea to go home for the winter too, so I figured this was a good time to go. So I made the trip north on Friday morning and went to the NIIED end of the year ceremony first because why not.

Where I got a selfie with Sam from 비정상회담.

That was pretty nice. I had a bunch of friends that went as well so it was kind of a surprise to see random people at the event. Turned out that they pulled in Sam to MC the event too. That was kind of cool. Used to watch Abnormal Summit a lot. Need to get back to watching over the break.

After that I went to my friend's place and got the Magic crew together and played some Magic. That was really fun. Like we were just playing and next thing you know we've been playing for nine hours. That was a bit much cause I wanted to wake up early the next day, but it was great.

I wanted to wake up for this.

Flash, one of the best StarCraft players of all time, decided to retire. It just so happened that his retirement ceremony was on Saturday, so despite being a bit sleep deprived, I woke up and went to the venue to see him off.

It was a nice ceremony. It felt a bit too close to a funeral at some points, but it was a really nice gesture for everyone to come out and do this for him. Lots of current and ex-pros came out and it was overall a good time.

They even gave out a mug with his mug on it.

The gift bag they gave out was really nice too, and kind of important for this next part of the story. I thought the mug was really cool so I posted on Team Liquid about it. One of the mods messaged me about the mug and wanted me to grab a bag for him cause he was busy with press stuff.

So I was like sure, so I got an extra one and after the event met up with him and gave him the cup. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the day and just went to a bunch of video game related stuff. That was kinda cool.

Went to check out some Hearthstone at an incredibly stuffy venue.

Now, a bit of backstory before I continue. When I was in Germany for my exchange two years ago I went to an eSports bar a lot because those are awesome. I met some cool people there and one of those people came to Korea for the semester.

Long story short, she got invited to Artosis' Christmas party. When she told me she was going I was super hyped and super jealous. I ended up being her plus one. The Team Liquid mod was invited too so the three of us met up on Sunday and went to Artosis' house.

This is Artosis' dog. She is the most wonderful dog ever.

Seriously. I went to Artosis' house for a Christmas party. It was amazing. All of the English casters were there, some players were there and some other industry people were there too. It was super surreal seeing all these people in real life. Especially together in such a casual environment.

That was already really cool. But next thing I know the door rings again and Mike Morhaim walks in. At this point I was floored. This was the CEO of my favourite game company. The CEO of the company I dream of working for.

This is probably my favourite selfie forever.

It was insane. Like I can't even express my starstruckness for the night. It was just so overwhelming that I, some random dude, was there just chilling with these awesome people. I had to leave the party a bit early because I had to go back to Daejeon, but oh man that was a great time.

I'm not sure if I'll ever have this kind of opportunity again, but I will remember this forever. I'm going back to Seoul this weekend for Christmas, but it's going to have a hard time matching up to this one.

I even had a sweet potato latte somewhere during this.

And for documentation purposes, here's the list of people that were there yesterday. Artosis and his family, Tasteless, Wolf, Branden, Doa, Monte, State, John the Translator, GoRush, Mike Morhaim and his and family, GTR and a bunch of other people that work behind the scenes. Amazing.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

KGSP - The Last of the First

Looking back at my previous blog posts it seems like crunch time for me literally started like a month ago. It's been like four or five weeks since the work just started piling on and not relenting. It's been a pretty crazy time.

Sure, I've had a few random sporadic breaks to make sure I don't drown in my absolute work misery, but for the most part I've been crunching for about a month now. I don't even think the crunch at UOIT was this bad. Or maybe it was but it was just more "enjoyable" in a way.

More enjoyable than this Chizza anyways, which isn't saying much.

I dunno. The weather is getting colder and holiday season is in full force which just makes everything worse. People are getting ready to go home and be with friends and family and I'm just here like getting random projects and work done.

Plus a bunch of my friends that I met here in Daejeon are exchange students or students that are finishing up their semester this semester. Regardless, it means a lot of them are leaving and going home in the next week. Doesn't feel as festive when your friends are leaving.

But at least I discovered the Daejeon ISIS branch with them before they left.

The week itself was ok. The previously mentioned friends are getting ready to leave so I spent some time with them. Went to the shop to play some Magic on Friday but no Koreans were there because it was the end of the semester and so the event was cancelled. Ended up doing a sealed at the school instead.

Then Saturday was nice too. Another friend had a farewell dinner so we went to that for some nice food. It was like a German restaurant and it was absolutely filled with non-Koreans so it felt like we weren't in Korea anymore. Felt good. After that we went to watch the newest Hunger Games.

I'm not going to lie, I was thoroughly disappointed. (Wikipedia)

School stuff has been ok too. Had a really weird lunch with the department head, some other professors and some other foreign students on Tuesday. It was weird cause it was just literally small talk while we were served a four course meal. That was odd.

Work is work obviously. The next week is the final week of the semester so my three courses all have stuff due. There's something new everyday essentially so it's going to be busy, but every night is going to feel even better as things get crossed off the list.

Speaking of nights, the new winter decorations around campus are cool.

I really can't wait for the semester to end. I have lots planned for the winter break. In fact I just went yesterday and found a one room apartment too. I'll be moving into that in three weeks which I'm actually really looking forward to. Sick of the dorms and just want my own place.

Next week might be an intentional Monday blog post. Not sure yet, but we'll see.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

KGSP - Eye of the Storm

So the last few weeks were really busy. Had an exam on Tuesday that I luckily passed and my two projects that were due Thursday were received reasonably well too, so the first set of business was a success in my opinion.

With the the most demanding week so far completed, I decided to go to Seoul to just kinda relax and unwind a bit. It's been a while since I went to Seoul to see my friends, and considering how I just finished so much and had a bit of a breather it seemed like a good time.

Project for my Interaction Design course, coming to you on Google Play once I polish it up more.

It was nice seeing so many people again. It turned out it wasn't the best timing because of the fact that everyone else was in the middle of end of semester projects/papers/exams and stuff so a lot of people were busy.

So while I was just out doing random things like shopping for gifts and stuff people were working. Bad timing, but either way, it was nice to get out of Daejeon and just kinda do random things again. I really wanted to watch the new Hunger Games but my timing was bad.

I don't always take group selfies, but when I do its because people insist really hard.

But now that I'm back in Daejeon, it's time to get back into work mode again. I still have two projects due in the next two weeks with random presentations and meetings sprinkled throughout there as well. Still got a decent amount to do, but this really is the final stretch.

Crunch time this semester seems like it's been going on for a bit longer than normal. It's gonna be like a month by the time everything is said and done. Pretty crazy. I am looking forward to the break though. I really want to start looking for an apartment.

I've acquired so much random stuff to hang on the walls of my hypothetical apartment.

Sure, I'll still have lab work and while I do that a bunch of my friends are going on vacation or going home but whatever. I just want my classes to be over.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

KGSP - The Korean Cold

Honestly this week was very similar to the last week. Next week is the week where everything is due so this week was just the same in the sense that I was just working on projects and (attempting to do some) studying for my exam.

Aside from that, the one interesting thing that happened this week was that it started to snow. Last winter it only snowed a handful of times and each time it wasn't much. So it was a really big surprise when I woke up on Thursday and saw this outside my window.

Not bad for a first snow in Korea.

It was an awkward temperature of around 0, so the snow didn't actually stick around on the ground that much, but it snowed a decent amount. I was actually surprised because despite it not accumulating, a lot of it actually fell.

That actually lifted my spirits a bit. Walking to the lab in the snow felt really great actually. Sure, it was kinda cold, but it felt good. Reminded me of home. Lately I've been kinda missing home a bit so the faint reminder was very welcoming.

Fifteen minutes outside.

Guess it's that time of year huh? Similarly to last year when winter started rolling around and holiday season started up I also had a similar feeling of homesickness. Living in Korea has been alright, but sometimes you just want a bit of that life that you were so used to before this whole thing.

As far as school goes I'm still fairly certain I'm screwed for this upcoming exam. The structure of the class and the content of the class don't mix with me. Nothing is sticking and it sucks. Projects are coming along though thankfully. 

Seriously, we even have a cat and some horses.

My other project hit a weird snag because I kept throwing things at it until it became a monstrous idea. It wasn't even very good to be honest so when I had a new, better, idea come to me, I just threw out the original idea and started fresh.

Yea, I scrapped a project and restarted it less than a week before its due. It's that time of year again where there are just zero fucks left to give.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

KGSP - Crunch Time: KAIST Edition

So I normally try to write my blog posts on Sundays. Then, I have a pretty bad habit of letting them slip to Mondays when I get busy. But very rarely I have Tuesday posts. I think I've only had one or two in the last fifteen months. But yet here we are with a Tuesday post.

This past week has been pretty busy. Everything kinda just happened at once and all of a sudden everything is due. Guess it's what happens at the end of the semester. I have vivid memories of this from UOIT, but it's been a while.

TFW you get accepted to the Overwatch beta test weekend and only had time to play 10 minutes.

A lab project that we initially expected to be due at the end of December was found out to be actually due at the beginning of December, which is next week. As a result that's been taking up a lot of my time.

It's a pretty interesting project actually. It revolves a lot of moving parts and getting them all integrated into Unity and having them do things. It's pretty nice to work on some development stuff again. Even though I'm tired it's a good time.

Not pictured: an Oculus Rift.

But that isn't really the problem right now. My problem is my three courses that also require time from me. Each one of them have a project that have weekly checkups and additional homework so I've been trying to balance all the deadlines and get the work done.

Hate to say it but I feel like I've been slipping a bit in my coursework haha. I'm fine with doing projects. I'm used to that. But what I'm not fine with is doing projects and then having to deal with random homework.

Don't have a related picture so here's a picture of cats on a car.

Already  kinda giving up on marks this semester haha. Just waiting for the semester to end so I have more time and energy for interesting stuff like lab projects and personal projects.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Second year in Korea, second year of going to GSTAR, Korea's biggest game convention. Last year was a lot of fun. Me and two friends went to Busan for the day and enjoyed some good StarCraft and checked out some other games before heading back to Daegu for the day.

But this year was different. The same two friends I went with now live in different cities as me. One in Seoul, one in Daegu, and of course myself in Daejeon. Plus with everyone's schedules different as well it made coordinating a lot more difficult this year.

But one thing that doesn't change is this stupid line up to buy tickets.

We were so hyped from last year that we told ourselves that this year we would go for the weekend instead of a day and just make it epic. Unfortunately that didn't pan out because of scheduling differences.

As a result, one of my friends ended up going alone on Friday. I had class on Friday so I couldn't join him, but it has been a while so I wanted to see him anyways, so after class I took the train to Busan to grab dinner with him.

I don't have a picture of our dinner, but this was my breakfast the next morning. Literally potatoes, bread and cheese.

I only got to see my friend for about an hour and a half because he had to get back to Daegu, so afterwards I went to a PC Bang to finish the night off with some StarCraft. Legacy of the Void just came out so I played some co-op missions and team missions with a friend back in Canada.

That was fun, but when it came time to sleep I wandered over to the Hotel Aqua Palace by Gwangalli Beach. Since it was a pretty YOLO trip to begin with I didn't have any accommodations booked so I just slept in the Jjimjilbang there.

My standards have dropped, but this is still probably the nicest Jjimjilbang in the area.

See, it would be nice if I didn't realize upon walking in there that since it is a "nicer" one that it attracts more people, specifically families. And man, crying babies are absolutely the worst. Yea sure the view is nice, but it doesn't matter when you just want to sleep. And those lights man.

But whatever, the next morning I woke up and made it to BEXCO half an hour early. Regardless, two hours in line to buy a ticket. After finally getting in I walked around for a few hours. There was a lot of people so the lineups for everything were hours long.

I think going on a weekday is key. Maybe next year.

There wasn't much I wanted to try anyways. The one thing I wanted to had a two - three hour queue so I said nope to that and just walked around to check things out. A lot of smaller companies and game schools were there with their stuff. Lots of VR stuff going on.

As far as big companies go, Sony had a cool section with their own VR stuff and some demos of their upcoming games. Square Enix had a showing by partnering with LG to showcase Final Fantasy XIV. Not sure what's new with that game, but they had a lot of people interested in it.

But to be fair, they were top 3 in the booth babes ranking though.

They gave out a lot of cool swag at the Final Fantasy area, but unfortunately I didn't get anything. For their quiz I had zero chance of winning anything until they asked who came from the furthest. But Canada doesn't count since I didn't go just for the convention. Although they didn't even ask me.

Overall the event was alright. I feel like last year was better for me. There was a cool StarCraft event and there was more stuff that I was interested in. It was still alright, but kinda tiring. Plus being alone made it not feel as great as last time.

Not as lonely as this Orange Mushroom though.

Hopefully next year I can go again and do it properly. We said this last year and it failed this year, but here's hoping next year will be better.

Monday, November 9, 2015

KGSP - Fanboy Mode Engaged

Another Monday post. Failed yet again! I was really tired over the weekend so despite remembering that I needed to write a blog post, I ended up forgetting after all. This weekend was BlizzCon weekend, so it was pretty hype.

Like last year, I wanted to watch the opening ceremony live. But again, like last year, I'm still in Korea so because of time difference the ceremony was at 4 AM. So after spending the day in the lab and the night with some friends, I went back to the dorm to check out the show.

BlizzCon is a wonderful time.

It was totally worth the hype. Might not have been as hypey as last year, but last year was pretty hype. Despite that, I am totally a Blizzard fanboy so everything they announce is super hype. This year was pretty light on new announcements, but still good.

WarCraft movie trailer, WoW Legion opening cinematic, new footage for Overwatch, new expansion for Hearthstone, and of course new news for StarCraft II as well. Blizzard once again delivers a fantastic string of videos to watch and be amazed about.

I honestly liked this trailer more than the movie one.

The night after the opening ceremony, I woke up early to head to a PC Bang. It just so happened that on Sunday the campus was doing some maintenance so there was no electricity, therefore no Internet either. That's no good.

So I woke up before the electricity got shut off and went to a PC Bang and sat there for four hours watching the WCS Grand Finals for StarCraft II. Super tense and back and forth games. Super exciting and fun to watch.

StarCraft so good.

I was participating in a bracket competition on Team Liquid too. Almost placed into the prizing but the guy I predicted to win didn't win (very close though). Oh well, was a good tournament anyways.

The rest of the week wasn't too exciting. I went and bought the Holiday Box for Magic's Battle for Zendikar so I could store the cards I have in them. It came with five English packs but English packs are boring so I traded them for Russian packs.

At last, sorted by set, language and colour.

It turns out I have a lot of Magic cards.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

KGSP - Moving Labs

This week was tiring. Like, actually tiring. There was a decent amount of work that was due this week, but not too much that it would've been a crazy amount. However, we had to move our lab this week so that took up a lot of my time and energy.

Previously, our lab was on the fourth floor of our department building. As far as I know they've had it for a few years. However this year some older faculty members retired so their rooms vacated. As a result, they were ripe for the taking.

Moving labs, energy brought to you by extremely Korean pizzas.

So since it was vacant, my professor decided to claim it. This was a good opportunity since it meant we could renovate the room however we want to make it newer, more personalized and more functional.

This also meant that once we move out of our lab, our old space could be renovated for our new professor too. So overall it seemed like a good idea. However what is not a good idea is actually moving everything down one floor.

Also I "discovered" this door in the old lab. I like how there are still pictures on it.

That was a pain. Not only did we have renovation issues that caused some delays, but the actual move was such an energy drain. We have a lot of stuff. And worst of all it's not even all properly sorted so I'll have to go organize it next week.

Plus all our furniture. We had some new furniture, but we also had to move a lot of the old stuff too. Extra shout out goes towards the super heavy tables that we have two of for some reason. My arms are still kinda sore and it's been a few days.

New lab with higher (and blue) ceilings.

The new lab is nice though. It's obviously newer and I like it more than the old one. More comfortable work environment. Plus now that we finished the move, we just need to organize and clean things. Once that's done we don't have to deal with this anymore.

It will be nice to just focus on class and lab work again. We're starting some of the programming projects and assignments in my Interaction Design class so that's exciting. Feels a lot better to be doing something in my element.

Also finally had time to finish putting this together.

Overall the week was alright. Tiring, but alright. Weather is getting colder now too, took me kinda off guard.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

KGSP - Father and Son in Busan

This week was kinda nice. My dad came to visit for a few days so I got a chance to not only see him but to hit up Busan again. I like Busan, so going back to Busan was nice, especially after going to Seoul so much this past month.

It's crazy if you think about it. I went to Seoul three weeks in a row at the start of the month, went to Daegu for a day last week, and then Busan this past weekend. It's like I hate Daejeon (and my wallet) or something.

But tbh I rather sight see in Busan than Seoul.

Me and my dad met up in Daejeon and then headed over to Busan. First thing we did in Busan was go to Haeundae and then take a boat tour. The boat went off the coast of Haeundae, Gwangalli and then did a loop around Oryukdo for a nice view of the city and coast.

It was a pretty nice ride. It was cool too because a ton of seagulls followed the boat. People were feeding them and the birds managed to fly alongside a moving boat and pluck food out of people's hands. That was impressive

Although they did come a bit too close for comfort a tiny bit.

The next day was really tiring. It turned out the fireworks festival was that weekend. Although I wasn't planning on going this year, the fact that I was in Busan during the festival pretty much means we should go check it out.

But we didn't want to spend the whole day waiting on the beach, so we went sightseeing in the morning and afternoon and decided to settle for watching the fireworks as a standee. I didn't know where to go so I just went to a cluster of places I went to before.

I also ate this cute little dessert thing.

We went to Jalgachi Fish Market, Gukje Market and Gamcheon Cultural Village which is honestly a nice way to spend a few hours to see Busan's cultural and historic side. Afterwards we had a bit more time so we went to the UN Memorial Cemetery.

That was kinda cool. As weird as it is, I kinda like going to war cemeteries. They're very peaceful. It also brings some sort of weird humility and mortality feeling that kinda gets you thinking about things. Just so happened that we went on the 70th anniversary of the UN too.

I had this cool picture of the fountain from the other side but then afterwards I realized my finger was in it.

Following that we ate dinner at Shinsegae and then headed over to Gwangalli for the fireworks festival. Despite showing up 1.5h early for the event, that is pretty much late. No chance you were getting a good spot.

We ended up standing behind a lot of people while a lot of other people were shoving and scrambling behind us. There was even a traffic light in front of us which blocked the view a bit, but it was still a good show.

Not pictured: The other million people on the beach.

I still think the Busan Fireworks Festival is the best fireworks show I've seen, despite the bad viewing arrangements. Anyways, the weekend was really tiring. Lots of standing and walking. But overall it was nice to see my dad again.

Monday, October 19, 2015

KGSP - Korean Style

This week was just straight up busy. I forgot to post my blog yesterday, so here's another Monday blog post. This week had nothing momentous as far as stuff goes, but I got a lot of stuff done. I had a chance to eat a bunch of random Korean foods this week.

This was a bit different than normal because the cafeteria doesn't really change too much, but I had a few things this week that was different. I had this pizza last week which was pretty good, but looked a bit odd.

That, that's cheese right?

There is in fact cheese on that pizza. There is also cheese in the pizza, which made it pretty good. However the white powder is not cheese. It is in fact powdered sugar. Why would people think it would be a good idea to put sugar on a salty pizza is beyond me, but there it is.

The day after we had our weekly lab meeting. The last few weeks we just ordered in for our food, but this week we went out. We went to this Japanese restaurant that had a few fusion items so I got a pasta that everyone else was ordering.

Yes this is pasta at a Japanese restaurant.

That was a really strange pasta. It was like, spicy with some weird creamy sauce on it with some fish eggs. It was just a weird combination. Classic Korea mixing random things together and seeing if it works I guess.

Aside from that I also did a short trip to Daegu. I had some issues with Daegu Bank, and being Daegu Bank they only had a branch in Daegu so I had to go in person to resolve it. Short one day trip, was only really there for an afternoon, but I met some friends and resolved some other issues too.

This is in fact not Korean, but is probably in the same vein of food as above anyways.

Now, anyone that has lived in Korea knows this, but using the Internet here is actually a pain. South Korea has the fastest Internet in the world and is very connected. But they also have a bunch of redundant, annoying security systems in place that makes everything super annoying.

It's worse when you are a foreigner because of language issues first of all, but also because you weren't integrated into the system so you have to apply for all the random things and do all the random things to get things to work.

I have no relevant picture so here's a picture of a flower festival near my school.

It's just a pain. A huge pain. Phone numbers, banks, Internet Explorer, random plugins. Everything is linked together and is just a huge convoluted mess. It takes so much more time to do things than they should. This was the reason why I went to Daegu, because doing it over the phone doesn't work.

Ugh. But at least I got it resolved this time. Hopefully no more issues going forward.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

KGSP - 2015 SK Telecom Proleague Grand Finals

So this was my third weekend in a row going up to Seoul. Now that I've been going to Seoul so much, I really don't think of it as that bad of a place. I used to think it was pretty busy and complicated, but I guess once you get used to it it's fine.

Some of my friend's had their birthdays this weekend, but that was like, a bonus reason for going to Seoul. The real reason why I wanted to go was the same reason as to why I came to Korea in the first place. StarCraft.

In all of its Korean glory.

I can't say that's the sole reason why I came to Korea, but StarCraft and Korea's eSports culture is a huge factor as to why I gained interest into this country. So I made it a goal from the very beginning to check out Proleague as that's the biggest Korean StarCraft event.

Last year I missed out on the Grand Finals because they started it earlier and ended it in August before I arrived. I managed to make it out to a regular match in studio during my first trip to Korea which was cool, but the dream was to go to the Grand Finals. Which finally, was this past weekend.

Thank you Team Liquid for this wonderful tickets.

It was awesome. SKT1, the most decorated and historic Korean team, versus Jin Air Green Wings, one of the newer teams that rose from the most unlikely of circumstances. It was a classic case of the new guard taking on the old.

It was in Lotte World, which is an amusement park in Seoul. First time in Lotte World, seemed like a cool place, but completely overshadowed by the StarCraft atmosphere. We got there like 40 minutes early and already seating was almost full with tons of people standing.

With matches like Innovation vs sOs how can you not be hyped?

Luckily I reserved tickets online through Team Liquid so I was able to get seats while all the standees just watched as I was let through. That was awesome. Games were exciting and despite me wanting a Game 7, I was thoroughly satisfied. 

Didn't get a chance to meet any players to get any autographs or pictures, but I managed to pick up a bunch of sweet swag from the event. Gifts and decorations for years to come I'm sure. Overall really awesome event. Really glad I got a chance to go check it out.

Power Rangers poster goes away now.

In other news I just kinda hung out with friends in Seoul over the weekend when I wasn't at the StarCraft event. Went to a knock off Tim Hortons and then went to Maker Faire, a crafts event, in Gwacheon. Both were alright, but StarCraft was definitely the.. star of the weekend.

But yea, I'm done with Seoul for a bit. Three back to back weekends is a bit much. Was fun, but a bit much. It's getting pretty taxing on my time (and wallet) especially since we are well into the semester now. Not sure when I'll go back next.

I will probably not be returning here though. Granted it was ok.

Gotta focus on some school work this week, but I'm ok with this.

Monday, October 5, 2015

KGSP - Seoul Again

Another trip to Seoul, another Monday blog post. This time around there wasn't any special occasion, but instead a friend of mine came to visit Korea as part of her graduation trip. As a result, being the good friend I am, I decided to go to Seoul to see her.

It was a pretty fun trip overall. Apparently the Seoul Fireworks Festival was this past weekend. We were initially planning on going late, but some of my other friends decided to go early to snag a spot, so we were ok.

Fireworks yay.

The spot was a bit off to the side, but it was fine. We still had a pretty good view and the show was alright. It definitely wasn't as good as the Busan one I went to last year, but it was a good time regardless.

The following day we went to do a bit of sightseeing. We started off the day by going to Imwangsan to do a bit of a hike. Apparently we went up a random side path and so we didn't make it to the top. However, we got close enough.

Weather was pretty nice.

The view of Seoul up there was pretty nice. Could see pretty far and could see some landmarks too so it was interesting. Afterwards we went to the Seodaemun Independence Park for a bit before heading over to Gwanghwamun Square.

To be honest, we really didn't do that much, but it was still good to just spend time together and to chill for a bit. Plus the sightseeing let me test out my new phone, cause I got an LG G4 last week to replace my almost 3 year old HTC One X.

I got the black leather back (Wikipedia).

Pretty good phone overall. Much better and faster than my old one, especially since the battery was going on that one. Pretty good purchase overall.

The next week will be another trip to Seoul. Honestly I don't really want to go that often because I actually have work to do now, but there's just stuff I want to do in Seoul too. But yea, next week is a long weekend as well, so another trip to Seoul it is.