Sunday, January 11, 2015

KGSP - More of the Same, but Different

So I've totally just settled into a routine here in Daegu. I mean, I guess it's been almost four and a half months already, so it makes sense that I would've been settled here. But it kinda just hit me this week that I'm just kinda like, here.

Technically this isn't the longest I've been away from home since I went back for a few days back in September, but if you ignore that, this has already been the longest I've been away from home. In 2013 (which was pretty much two years ago!) I spent four months in Germany but I've already eclipsed that.

The first picture I took in Germany, taken 20 (!) months ago.

Damn, time flies. Anyways, this week was more of the same. We started the level 3 book despite still being in level 2 since we're on a quicker schedule than normal language students. The level 3 book is pretty interesting, more interesting than the level 2 book at least.

We're officially doing "intermediate" level Korean, which is pretty cool to say. My Korean still sucks though, but it's surprising sometimes as to how much stuff I can say, despite saying it very elementarily and slowly.

So I have TOPIK next week and I just discovered their Facebook page. Exciting. (Facebook)

So far the level 3 book has a lot more vocabulary than the previous two books, which is good in a way, but at the same time that requires a lot of memorizing. I'm terrible at memorization and I feel like that's holding me back a bit. It's just so dry you know?

Aside from studying I had the usual hanging out with friends and doing random things this week. Like today we went to Toys R Us to check it out. But there's only one store in Daegu and it's on the literal other side of the city, so it's a pain to get to.

Also all my Kyoryuger stuff was sold out. Freaking Korean children stealing my toys. (Jetfusion)

Oh, I guess one interesting thing that happened was I helped out for an English teaching program. The campus was pretty empty until a horde of Koreans showed up one day. Apparently most of them are people studying for TOEIC but there are also some English teachers here for a development camp.

So the language school got me and some of my native English speaking friends to help them out with the program. It was pretty much just an hour where I got to talk to five random Korean English teachers about random things. Interesting change of pace at the very least.

We went to dinner with two of them after and I saw this cool truck on the way back to the dorm.

But yea, other than that standard week as usual. Next week should be more interesting I think. Maybe.

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