Sunday, January 25, 2015

KGSP - My First Chosen Computer

So my UOIT computer has been having issues since pretty much the day I got it because school issued computers are fantastic. Regardless, I've had many good times with this computer. I went through third and fourth year with it, having been used to work on many projects.

I also brought it to Germany and to Korea so it's been pretty well travelled to all things considered. However, it's time to replace it. The GPU has been having issues and it's actually starting to die I think. Also it's been blue screening very frequently so I've been worried.

And I just got these wallpapers pixel perfect too.

So I figured hey, it's been like 2.5 years since I got it and it's been plagued with issues for a while, so let's just go buy a new one. So yesterday me and my friend Derek went to the electronics mall in Daegu and went computer shopping.

The mall itself was really far away. Like Keimyung is on the far western side of Daegu and the mall was on the far northern side so it took a while to get there. Regardless it was kinda interesting I guess. Similar to the electronics mall at Yongsan.

Freaking taxi photobombed me.

So me and my friend walked around for a bit just looking at the laptops and eventually I found a Lenovo one that was alright. Spec wise it wasn't anything too special, but it's better than the one I have now and is sufficient for my needs.

Plus it looked alright and the price also matched my budget so it just seemed like a good purchase. After talking to the guy for a bit I just bought it. There goes a month of my monthly allowance. But hey, now I have a new laptop.

I need a bigger desk. Also it's gonna get dirty so quickly.

It occurred to me recently that this was actually my first real computer purchase. My previous laptop was school issued so I didnt get to choose it. The computer I had before that was bought by my parents to work on high school stuff. And to play World of WarCraft.

So this was actually the first computer I chose on my own and paid for myself too, which makes it kinda special I guess. I just hope it wasn't a bad purchase haha. I always get paranoid when it comes to these things.

Aww yea, Korean keyboard.

So yea, we'll see how it is. Still in the process of setting it up so I'm still using my old one, but maybe tomorrow or the day after I'll switch to it fulltime. Should be hype. Ready to play some World of WarCraft on it >_>

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