Sunday, January 18, 2015

KGSP - Prerelease and TOPIK

Well this week was a bit more interesting than the last few weeks. For the most part the week was similar to the previous weeks, but the weekend was a bit more interesting at least. On Saturday we had the Prerelease for Fate Reforged.

That's the newest set for Magic the Gathering, which I enjoy playing every once and a while. It's kinda a shame because the scene here in Korea is not that big, especially in Daegu. I have a few friends who play or played, but they didn't have the foresight to bring their cards to Korea.

My spoils from Prerelease, including a fancy $60 promo in the middle there.

Prerelease is always awesome because it's friendly to new players and players without cards, so it worked out really well for some of my friends. Plus they're just fun events so that was nice to go to. My friends and the other foreigners played with the English cards, but I went hard mode and chose the Korean ones.

It's cool, because four months ago when I went to play Magic here for the first time, the cards were all unknown to me. I could read them, but I had no idea what they were saying. Now, I can read them and understand most of them. Progress is being made haha. Moments like those make me appreciate the mindless classes we have.

Also we got an index of all the scholarship students, which I appreciated too.

Speaking of learning Korean, today was my first TOPIK test. That's the Test of Profieciency in Korean. How it works is that there is two tests. Test I is for beginners and gets you level 1 or level 2. Test II is for intermediate and advanced students and gets you levels 3 to 6.

For us, we need level 3 to get into our graduate studies in September, so that's the goal. I did a few Test I reviews and they weren't a breeze, but they were easy enough that I was confident in level 2. Regardless, we didn't need level 2 so I figured I'd fail Test 2 for the experience.

I also got this fancy double sided marker.

My initial expectations were to answer precisely 0 in each section and just guess them all. But surprisingly I could answer a few in each section, so I consider that test a success. Still failed miserably, but relatively successful considering my expectations.

My goal is 50/300 points haha. Statistically, 50 points is what you'd get if you guessed everything, so hopefully I managed that.

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