Monday, March 30, 2015

KGSP - Spring Blooms

This week was pretty much more of the same. Class and stuff, hanging with people and stuff. One thing that is pretty cool though is the springness that's going on right now. Winter has been officially over for a while now, and we're pretty deep into spring right now (in my opinion).

So as a result the flowers and trees are starting to bloom up again. Keimyung is apparently known for it's beautiful campus, and it's really starting to show right now when the flowers are blooming. It's great because there's a ton of cherry blossoms around campus.

Pictured: Not Japan.

It's nice. I think this was the first time I've seen cherry blossoms in person, and they are actually really nice. It's kinda cool how they just kinda open up all at once. In the last week or so every day there's been like another tree that just blooms, and it just looks nice.

The ones here in Korea aren't that pink though, but they are still really nice. It's mostly white but slightly pink, and honestly it just kinda looks like someone just stuck some popcorn onto some trees. Regardless, looks pretty nice.


But yea, weather is nice and warm now, campus is starting to look a lot nicer, everything is pretty good but it's still like, the same old Korean learning over and over again >_>

But there's what. Another 1.5 semester left? Assuming I pass TOPIK at least. Final stretch and stuff so I'm looking forward to it. Trying to study a bit harder but man it's difficult to focus. Regardless, one step at a time.

Also a new transit line is opening up so that'll be exciting.

Oh right my World of WarCraft subscription expires in 18 hours. Sad news, but I'm just gonna let it expire until after TOPIK.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

KGSP - Presentation and Dragons

Arghhh, Tuesday blog post yet again. It's been a while right? I think I've only been doing Mondays if I missed Sunday, Tuesdays are relatively rare.. right?

Anyways this week was kinda interesting. One of the highlights of the week was that I went and did a presentation at KAIST. My supervisor wanted me to do a presentation on Unity, which is a game engine that I've used before, so I went to Daejeon on Friday to do a presentation and a tutorial.

Unity. You're ok I guess. (Unity)

The presentation went well I think. I did a power point to do a quick overview, then went into a quick tutorial and some demos. Overall was alright, and I think it'll help people get started with Unity considering the research group hasn't really used Unity too much.

It was nice to talk to people at KAIST too because I could get a feel for what my life would be like when I start my studies there. But unfortunately because I spent too much time in Daejeon I got back to Daegu late and missed curfew. But it was ok because some of my friends skipped curfew too.

Awww yea, missing curfew to play StarCraft at a PC Bang.

It was an alright night. Super tiring considering all the stuff I did that day, but it was fine. The next day was pretty tiring too because I didn't get to sleep that much that night, but I had a plan to go to the Dragons of Tarkir prerelease with some friends, so I went to that.

The last prerelease we went to was pretty fun, and this time I got more friends to go so there were five of us. My initial packs weren't that good, but I ended opening up two planeswalkers and a fetchland in my final two packs.

That's like $60+ in just three cards.

So those three cards managed to win me games, so I ended up doing ok in the event.

Other than that the week has been ok. I was planning on doing a new section of my blog posts where I write in Korean, but since this one was so late to begin with and since I'm feeling lazy, I'll start next week.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

KGSP - Brosan

The last time I left Daegu was like. Four months ago, so it's been a while. However, one of my friends from UOIT came to visit Korea so I decided to meet him in Busan and go sightseeing with him for the weekend. 

So this was a pretty nice weekend. Was pretty tiring to walk so much, but it was nice to leave Daegu and go sightseeing. And of course it was really nice to see my friend again. It's been a while and it was nice to see someone from UOIT Game Dev again.


So I've been to Busan twice before, but both times were for specific things (fireworks festival and GStar) so I didn't really get a chance to sightsee that much. So I took this opportunity to do just that, since it seemed like Busan had a lot to do.

I met my friend at the ferry port since he took a boat here, and then from there we dropped off our luggage at our accommodation and headed off to Yonggungsa temple. Most of Korea's temples are in a mountain so this one is different because it's by the ocean instead.

It was a rainy day though, unfortunately.

It was pretty far away and the weather kinda sucked so that was all we did on Friday. Saturday was fully packed though. We started off the day by going to the Jalgachi Fish Market which I thought was ok. Wasn't as crazy as the Tokyo one, but still interesting.

Then we walked around the Nampo-dong area, which included the Busan Tower and Gukje Market. The tower didn't seem that spectacular from the outside, but considering it's a tower I had to visit it.

That view though. Oh man.

The view from the tower more than made up for the disappointing exterior. The view from it was spectacular. Busan itself is a very beautiful city since it's situation in between mountains and the ocean, so the city sprawls out in between the nature.

In addition the buildings are pretty interesting too. That's epitomized by the next place we went to, Gamcheon Cultural Village. It's kind of an artsy location in Busan where the buildings have an interesting style to it, plus there's a lot of street art.

Lego houses to the max.

At that point I was already kinda tired from the walking, but it was only midday so we decided to hit up one more spot, Taejongdae Park. That's on an island off the coast of the mainland but it's connected by a bridge so we just took a bus there.

The park itself is like a circuit by the ocean where you can see the cliffs, beaches and ocean. You can also see the lighthouse there as well. It was nice, but it was a ton of walking and so we were both dying by the end of it.

I told my friend we could take the noobie train but he was like no.

To cap off the tiring day, we went to Gwangalli to meet up with another one of my friends who also decided to go to Busan for the weekend. It was kind of a nice way to finish off the day by just talking and drinking and eating.

Today was pretty restful in comparison, my friend had to catch the KTX to the airport to get on his flight home, so we both just took it and I got off at Daegu to return to school. Sadly. Overall pretty fun weekend, was nice to see a friend from home again.

Man even Busan Station is top tier.

However I feel like the trip made me fall behind on some stuff, but whatever.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

KGSP - Random Food and Stuff

So this was the first week of the new semester, it was ok I guess. We have a new class and new teachers and a new classroom. Classmates are fine, the classroom is fine, and the teachers are fine. We have another male teacher as well, so that's pretty cool.

Classes are a bit different now. On the plus side we don't have afternoon classes anymore so we only have four hours of class a day. Man, days end so quickly now. Plus now we're splitting the class a bit so sometimes we're working on the book, sometime we're working on TOPIK.

This book of photocopies costed way too much for what it is.

TOPIK classes are ok. I mean it's good that we're focusing a bit on it because we all need to pass TOPIK, but the fact that we're studying a test rather than the language is kinda sucky. Oh well. I'll be a lot more relaxed once I pass at least.

Aside from class I didn't really do that much this week. As a result I'm gonna talk about random foods. Like how McDonalds recently had a Honey Butter flavor french fry.

Literally just regular fries with a cheap powered flavoring.

So they're totally cashing into the whole honey butter fad that's been going around Korea. I have no idea why, but there are these things called honey butter chips that are really popular. Like you can't find them anymore cause they're all sold out. Essentially they're just sweetish flavored.

They're ok. Nothing special. But we saw that McDonalds was doing like a 10 day event promotion thing where you can get it, so we went to check it out. While I was there, I realized they also had fantastic Happy Meal toys.

Officially the second time I bought a Happy Meal in a foreign country for the toy.

Awww yea, Ultraman toys. So seeing that I had to get it. I'm honestly considering getting three more Happy Meals just to get the full set. They're only 3500 KRW each, so it's not expensive even if I'm just buying it for the toys.

Aside from McDonalds I also had a bunch of random spiced foods this week. Thinking about it now I actually got a lot of random things this week. In terms of spiced food my Yemeni classmate made some Yemeni food for us so I had that, then we went for Indian food that night and today I had some Sri Lankan food.

Yemeni food. Somewhat spicy, somewhat different.

Plus since all my friends that were on vacation came back from vacation, I got a bunch of random stuff from them too. Snacks from Japan, snacks and vodka from Russia, tea from Iran. I guess weeks like these really make me realize how multicultural this scholarship program is. I literally have friends from around the world now.

Monday, March 2, 2015

KGSP - Level 3 Complete

Feels like it hasn't been that long since I wrote the level 2 complete blog post. Well I guess in reality it hasn't been that long. It was only a month because of this super expedited month we just had.

So last blog post I said that all I had left to the terrible month of February was the level test, and if I survived that I would be good. Well I did survive it, but a lot of people didn't. I didn't do well in the test, but hey, I passed, so now I'm officially in level 4.

AKA the pink book.

New semester means new teachers and new classmates, but I'll write more about that next week (as this is once again a Monday blog post). Aside from the fact that we wrapped up another semester, we had to deal with a lot of random things that just made February end with a terrible bang.

For one, we had to move again. We moved to Mideumdong from Bongsadong because during the holidays they only had Mideum open, so I went there. Mideum wasn't that great. Rooms were small and old, and the washrooms and showers were public facilities.

We didn't even have curtains when we first arrived.

But I got used to it. I only had one roommate and our lifestyles matched pretty well so it was comfortable. Regardless, we had to move back to Bongsadong last week. Bongsadong is newer and has a private washroom in the room, but you have two roommates.

Last semester I only had one roommate so it was pretty luxurious (in comparison), but this semester I have two. I managed to switch myself into my friend's room, so they're with people I know. But still, three people in a room is a bit much.

There's also just a lot of stuff.

I guess I'll get used to it though. On the bright side the weather is getting warmer, there's been a few warm days now which is great. On the other hand the Yellow Dust is coming now, so a few days ago the pollution index was really bad.

It just looked smoggy and gross outside, and by the afternoon your throat felt parched and gross. Dat pollution doh. It went away now, but I'm sure it'll be back eventually. I bought a face mask just in case.

I didn't buy these, although I really should've.

But yea, new school year and so the Koreans are back. The weather is getting better and we no longer have afternoon class so the atmosphere is amazing in comparison. Here's to the next five months at Keimyung.