Monday, March 2, 2015

KGSP - Level 3 Complete

Feels like it hasn't been that long since I wrote the level 2 complete blog post. Well I guess in reality it hasn't been that long. It was only a month because of this super expedited month we just had.

So last blog post I said that all I had left to the terrible month of February was the level test, and if I survived that I would be good. Well I did survive it, but a lot of people didn't. I didn't do well in the test, but hey, I passed, so now I'm officially in level 4.

AKA the pink book.

New semester means new teachers and new classmates, but I'll write more about that next week (as this is once again a Monday blog post). Aside from the fact that we wrapped up another semester, we had to deal with a lot of random things that just made February end with a terrible bang.

For one, we had to move again. We moved to Mideumdong from Bongsadong because during the holidays they only had Mideum open, so I went there. Mideum wasn't that great. Rooms were small and old, and the washrooms and showers were public facilities.

We didn't even have curtains when we first arrived.

But I got used to it. I only had one roommate and our lifestyles matched pretty well so it was comfortable. Regardless, we had to move back to Bongsadong last week. Bongsadong is newer and has a private washroom in the room, but you have two roommates.

Last semester I only had one roommate so it was pretty luxurious (in comparison), but this semester I have two. I managed to switch myself into my friend's room, so they're with people I know. But still, three people in a room is a bit much.

There's also just a lot of stuff.

I guess I'll get used to it though. On the bright side the weather is getting warmer, there's been a few warm days now which is great. On the other hand the Yellow Dust is coming now, so a few days ago the pollution index was really bad.

It just looked smoggy and gross outside, and by the afternoon your throat felt parched and gross. Dat pollution doh. It went away now, but I'm sure it'll be back eventually. I bought a face mask just in case.

I didn't buy these, although I really should've.

But yea, new school year and so the Koreans are back. The weather is getting better and we no longer have afternoon class so the atmosphere is amazing in comparison. Here's to the next five months at Keimyung.

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