Tuesday, March 24, 2015

KGSP - Presentation and Dragons

Arghhh, Tuesday blog post yet again. It's been a while right? I think I've only been doing Mondays if I missed Sunday, Tuesdays are relatively rare.. right?

Anyways this week was kinda interesting. One of the highlights of the week was that I went and did a presentation at KAIST. My supervisor wanted me to do a presentation on Unity, which is a game engine that I've used before, so I went to Daejeon on Friday to do a presentation and a tutorial.

Unity. You're ok I guess. (Unity)

The presentation went well I think. I did a power point to do a quick overview, then went into a quick tutorial and some demos. Overall was alright, and I think it'll help people get started with Unity considering the research group hasn't really used Unity too much.

It was nice to talk to people at KAIST too because I could get a feel for what my life would be like when I start my studies there. But unfortunately because I spent too much time in Daejeon I got back to Daegu late and missed curfew. But it was ok because some of my friends skipped curfew too.

Awww yea, missing curfew to play StarCraft at a PC Bang.

It was an alright night. Super tiring considering all the stuff I did that day, but it was fine. The next day was pretty tiring too because I didn't get to sleep that much that night, but I had a plan to go to the Dragons of Tarkir prerelease with some friends, so I went to that.

The last prerelease we went to was pretty fun, and this time I got more friends to go so there were five of us. My initial packs weren't that good, but I ended opening up two planeswalkers and a fetchland in my final two packs.

That's like $60+ in just three cards.

So those three cards managed to win me games, so I ended up doing ok in the event.

Other than that the week has been ok. I was planning on doing a new section of my blog posts where I write in Korean, but since this one was so late to begin with and since I'm feeling lazy, I'll start next week.

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