Sunday, March 8, 2015

KGSP - Random Food and Stuff

So this was the first week of the new semester, it was ok I guess. We have a new class and new teachers and a new classroom. Classmates are fine, the classroom is fine, and the teachers are fine. We have another male teacher as well, so that's pretty cool.

Classes are a bit different now. On the plus side we don't have afternoon classes anymore so we only have four hours of class a day. Man, days end so quickly now. Plus now we're splitting the class a bit so sometimes we're working on the book, sometime we're working on TOPIK.

This book of photocopies costed way too much for what it is.

TOPIK classes are ok. I mean it's good that we're focusing a bit on it because we all need to pass TOPIK, but the fact that we're studying a test rather than the language is kinda sucky. Oh well. I'll be a lot more relaxed once I pass at least.

Aside from class I didn't really do that much this week. As a result I'm gonna talk about random foods. Like how McDonalds recently had a Honey Butter flavor french fry.

Literally just regular fries with a cheap powered flavoring.

So they're totally cashing into the whole honey butter fad that's been going around Korea. I have no idea why, but there are these things called honey butter chips that are really popular. Like you can't find them anymore cause they're all sold out. Essentially they're just sweetish flavored.

They're ok. Nothing special. But we saw that McDonalds was doing like a 10 day event promotion thing where you can get it, so we went to check it out. While I was there, I realized they also had fantastic Happy Meal toys.

Officially the second time I bought a Happy Meal in a foreign country for the toy.

Awww yea, Ultraman toys. So seeing that I had to get it. I'm honestly considering getting three more Happy Meals just to get the full set. They're only 3500 KRW each, so it's not expensive even if I'm just buying it for the toys.

Aside from McDonalds I also had a bunch of random spiced foods this week. Thinking about it now I actually got a lot of random things this week. In terms of spiced food my Yemeni classmate made some Yemeni food for us so I had that, then we went for Indian food that night and today I had some Sri Lankan food.

Yemeni food. Somewhat spicy, somewhat different.

Plus since all my friends that were on vacation came back from vacation, I got a bunch of random stuff from them too. Snacks from Japan, snacks and vodka from Russia, tea from Iran. I guess weeks like these really make me realize how multicultural this scholarship program is. I literally have friends from around the world now.

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