Monday, March 30, 2015

KGSP - Spring Blooms

This week was pretty much more of the same. Class and stuff, hanging with people and stuff. One thing that is pretty cool though is the springness that's going on right now. Winter has been officially over for a while now, and we're pretty deep into spring right now (in my opinion).

So as a result the flowers and trees are starting to bloom up again. Keimyung is apparently known for it's beautiful campus, and it's really starting to show right now when the flowers are blooming. It's great because there's a ton of cherry blossoms around campus.

Pictured: Not Japan.

It's nice. I think this was the first time I've seen cherry blossoms in person, and they are actually really nice. It's kinda cool how they just kinda open up all at once. In the last week or so every day there's been like another tree that just blooms, and it just looks nice.

The ones here in Korea aren't that pink though, but they are still really nice. It's mostly white but slightly pink, and honestly it just kinda looks like someone just stuck some popcorn onto some trees. Regardless, looks pretty nice.


But yea, weather is nice and warm now, campus is starting to look a lot nicer, everything is pretty good but it's still like, the same old Korean learning over and over again >_>

But there's what. Another 1.5 semester left? Assuming I pass TOPIK at least. Final stretch and stuff so I'm looking forward to it. Trying to study a bit harder but man it's difficult to focus. Regardless, one step at a time.

Also a new transit line is opening up so that'll be exciting.

Oh right my World of WarCraft subscription expires in 18 hours. Sad news, but I'm just gonna let it expire until after TOPIK.

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