Monday, April 6, 2015

KGSP - April Showers

It rained a lot this week. Of the last seven days it was rainy on like. Five of them. So as a result the weather was always kinda like, grey, crappy and rainy. It also got a bit colder too. But on the day where it didn't rain the weather was nice.

For the most part this week wasn't too eventful. The big thing once again was the cherry blossoms. So like last week the blossoms are still up, but this week is pretty much the last week to view them in Daegu I think. Already some of the blossoms are falling off.

The last like 20 pictures on my phone are just blossoms.

So yea, this week was mostly just me checking out trees for the most part. Keimyung is supposedly well known for it's beautiful campus, but honestly I didn't really get that that much when I first got here. Yea, the campus is nice, but it wasn't like, anything spectacular.

But once Spring started rolling in and the blossoms started blooming, I understood why. I went to the street in our campus that is well known for their cherry blossoms to check it out. The first day I went it was pretty dreary cause it was cloudy, but the second time I went, it was a lot nicer.

Pretty much looks like white leaves.

But yea, like I mentioned last week, cherry blossoms look nice. I kinda want one in my backyard now when I have my own place. I really wonder why people back at home don't have them. Wonder if there's some sort of rule or weather issue that prevents it.

Aside from the cherry blossoms it was a pretty standard week. Nothing too special. I wanted to go hiking this week, but unfortunately because of the rain that was cancelled so I mostly just stayed on campus and played games and chilled with friends.

Also sleeping in is impossible when your light blocker has an obvious flaw.

So maybe I'll go hiking next week. Granted there's only three weeks until TOPIK, so I should be studying hard.

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