Sunday, April 12, 2015

KGSP - The Countdown Begins

This week was pretty much more of the same. A bit different, but more of the same. We're counting down to the next TOPIK that I'll be taking, so it's feeling a bit crunchy but at the same time I still feel kinda unmotivated to study >_>

Anyways so aside from class I did a few things. One of the more interesting things this week was that my friend got a tattoo. I didn't have anything else to do and she wanted someone to go with her so I went and played Pokemon while she got her tattoo done.

I'm not gonna post a picture of the tattoo, so here's a picture of my red pen that I've been using since Grade 6 that just ran out of ink.

That was interesting I guess. First time in a tattoo parlor and the needle instrument thing makes a noise that isn't entirely pleasant. Other than that it was ok. That same friend plus another friend had a birthday this weekend too, so Friday was just celebration and Saturday was mostly just rest.

Today wasn't very exciting either to be honest. This morning I went down to the card shop where they were holding the PPTQ for Magic. I didn't play but I went there to sell some cards and buy some cards. There was a loooot of people there today though.

I like how this guy just brought his daughter along for the ride.

And of course, since TOPIK is in two weeks I tried to study a bit harder today, but it's like impossible >_>. I really need to pass this TOPIK though. It's not the end of the world if I don't, but it makes life a lot less stressful and convenient if I do.

I think I can do it though if I'm a bit lucky. But regardless I need to prepare more. Lots of phrases, vocabulary and grammar that I need to memorize before the test. Gonna try to cut down on the gaming a bit more as well, but we'll see how effective my studying becomes.

Didn't take that many pictures this weekend, so here's a picture of a steak I desperately needed.

I didn't go hiking this weekend. Gonna try again next weekend as well >_>

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