Monday, April 27, 2015

KGSP - TOPIK Attempt 2

So this Sunday was my second attempt at TOPIK. It's been a bit of build up towards it so I'm glad it's over. I'm not sure how I did though. Like, I guess it's possible that I passed, but I really don't know how good my chances are.

I managed to answer everything which was good, but again whether or not it was correct or incorrect is a different story. I'm feeling better about this one than January which is good, but I won't know my result until June.

Second attempt means second marker.

I really hope I pass it. I reeaaally hope I pass it. But I'm feeling very borderline so I have no idea. Can only hope for the best though and just continue studying. I still have one more chance in July regardless though, so we'll see.

So my friend has a birthday on Saturday, so we decided to celebrate his birthday and us finishing TOPIK on Sunday night instead, so afterwards we went out for dinner and then just chilled in a park for the rest of the night. And so that's why I'm writing this post on a Monday.

I don't have pictures from yesterday but here's an alcoholic smoothie.

Pretty nice to go out and chill with friends after a long day of test writing. TOPIK has been on everyone's mind for so long that I'm glad we can relax a bit more.

Weather is getting pretty nice too. When it's not raining we're hitting mid to high 20s now in the afternoon, which is great. But it's a bit hot and hot temperatures suck. I'd be totally down for low 20 weather all the time.

Honey ice cream with peanuts.

I actually have no idea if the AC works in the room yet either. The dorm takes care to limit our usage of these things so they can save money. Anyways aside from that that's pretty much been the week. I have my plane tickets booked for Jeju as well for my vacation period in May, so that should be fun.

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