Monday, May 11, 2015

KGSP - Level 4 Complete

Another Monday blog post. I told myself I was going to do it yesterday, and I totally remembered up until the point I forgot. But this week was actually more exciting, so there's that. The first thing this week was Children's Day.

That's a holiday we had on Tuesday where essentially everyone gets the day off to spend time with their family. Naturally, I have no family here in Korea, so I did the next best thing. I grabbed my 28 year old Dutch friend and we went to watch a Power Rangers musical together.

They said Power Rangers. I imagine Super Sentai.

No shame. Yea, we we're the only ones there that were not less than 10 years old or parents, but whatever it was awesome. I wanted a pic with red or gold, but the kids got in the way. Would probably go again but the next series coming out next year is ToQger and that one isn't as cool.

Following Children's Day we had our level 4 test on Friday. So that was the test that decides if we have to repeat level 4 again or move onto level 5. I don't know my score yet, but my teacher said I passed, which is good. But really, it doesn't matter cause TOPIK is what matters.

And as much as I absolutely love Daegu, I really don't want to be here come September.

There were some celebrations for Buddha's Birthday as well on Saturday, so me and my friend decided to go check it out. First we went to dinner at a Hong Kong restaurant I found, but it wasn't really Hong Kong tasting food. It was alright though.

But because it was a bit out of the way, we got to the lantern festival late. Now, we thought it would be ok cause it's a festival and things should be going on all night. But we were wrong and the festival was literally ten minutes. Feeling a bit dejected we decided to leave when we saw a parade.

This was like, the end of the parade.

So seeing that me and my friend were like hey let's go closer and take some pictures. So we followed them to the station and noticed that it extended pretty far out and they had some cool floats up ahead, so we decided to follow the parade and take pictures.

Now, a bit about the geography of Daegu before I continue. Pretty much Daegu has one main street, and that street runs east to west through the center of the city. One of the three train lines follows that street so in theory you could walk instead of taking the subway.

We literally joined the parade at one point.

So we would pretty much see a cool float, and then run ahead to get a good spot, take pictures. If we failed, we would try again until we got a good shot. And then we'd see another cool float up ahead so we'd catch up to it and do the same.

We kept doing this for a while and next thing we know we reached Banwoldang, which is the main central station downtown. That was also the point where the parade ended.

Time flies when you're having fun chasing parade floats.

So we essentially walked from Duryu station to Banwoldang station. That's about 4 - 5 kilometers of pretty much us chasing this parade. It was actually really fun. We didn't have any expectations about the night to begin with, so it was pretty awesome.

Sunday was a bit more relaxing. I just went and watched Avengers 2 with my friends. It was alright. A bit of a "too many heroes" syndrome going on, but the action sequences were cool despite not really doing anything different than the previous one.

Parts of the movie was filmed in Seoul. This country is literally permeating my entire life (Wikipedia).

So that was that week. Definitely a lot more fun than the last couple weeks. Now we're officially on vacation too, like we had a school trip to Busan today, but I'll talk about that next entry. Which will also be on a Monday post by the way, cause I'll be in Jeju until then.

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