Sunday, May 3, 2015

KGSP - Random Problems and Random Things

This week was a bit more eventful. To start off on a more serious note, I ended up locking up my jaw again this week. I've had this issue for a while now, but whenever it happens it normally resolves itself naturally within the hour.

But this time it straight up just didn't. So that started on Wednesday night and even now on Thursday it's still a bit locked. Better, but still not perfect. It was bad though so after some consultation with my teacher I ended up going to a dentist office, then a hospital, and then a different hospital.

It was a long day of waiting, getting prodded at and getting electric shocks to the face.

So yea that was a thing. Hopefully it gets better. Anyways, it's nearing the end of the semester so the language school decided to have an event day this week. It was similar to the event we did back in September for Hangul Day, but instead it was called Sports Day for no particular reason.

Instead of having real sports we just got put into teams and did random things like group volleyball, tug o' war and some random Korean games. It was a fun day and a nice break from class. Our team ended up in second place. But whatever, we're the true winners deep inside.

Also seriously, these shirts.

I guess those two were pretty much the biggest "events" of the week. Like I mentioned before the weather has been nice when it's not raining, but when it does rain some disgutingness comes out. And I'm not even talking about the humidity.

So Korea has a thing where because it's so close to China when the seasons change the wind blows over a bunch of pollution from China to Korea. It's called the Yellow Dust and gets pretty bad sometimes. I never really thought about it until one of my friends pointed out..

No that's not pollen or foam in the puddles there.

Yea so the rain actually gathers the pollutants and then you can actually see it in the puddles. It's like a yellow grainy gross thing that honestly, if you think about it, is literally what I'm breathing in right now.

Kinda gross. Can't be healthy. I knew it was a thing but it didn't really hit me as to how much of a thing it was until you actually see yellow particles on the ground that was once in the air. Despite that life goes on I guess.

Speaking of life, we've seen this stray dog on campus for a long time and I honestly wonder how it's survived for so long.

So the coming week is mostly just gonna be more exam prep. The level exam is on Friday and if I pass that I'll reach level 5, which is officially the advanced class according to this school. Granted the school level doesn't matter since only TOPIK does, but hey, it's something.

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