Sunday, June 28, 2015

KGSP - Beyond the Ocean

So now that we're entering the final month of my time here at Keimyung, it seems like the events are finally picking up again and in full force. By far, the highlight of this week was my trip to Busan this weekend.

Before I came to Korea, I was already thinking about what I was going to do for my concert fixes. Korea isn't really well known for their rock or metal scenes, so I just kinda accepted that I wouldn't really be going to many concerts, let alone any good ones.

But I was so, so wrong.

I looked online previously to find random Korean rock and metal bands. I found a few that I liked and it just so happened that they were all performing at a concert in Busan. So I grabbed a few of my friends and we went to Busan for the day to check out the concert.

Now, going into the concert I didn't really know what to expect. Of the concerts I've been to previously that had more than two bands performing, half of the bands were always kinda meh or just plain ok.

But seriously, this lineup.

Not only that, but every concert I've been to has always started off kinda awkwardly with people just kinda standing there not wanting to be the first person to start things off. So really, I expected an ok night with a few good bands, a few meh bands, and a boring crowd.

Wow I was so wrong. The first band opened up explosively and the crowd matched their energy. People were like moshing and headbanging and seriously just really into it from the first song from the first band. I didn't even imagine that level of energy would be possible.

Mirror of Erised starting the night off with some good metalcore.

And that was only the beginning. Every single band was pretty good I thought. Which was honestly really shocking because there were nine bands. But each one was actually really awesome. I came primarily for three of the bands, but now I'm thinking I have to look up the other six as well.

Each band had a lot of energy and played music that I just really like. So for six hours the crowd was insane and the music was great. Overall a really awesome night, but it was also really tiring. But man, I'm pretty hyped. Korea has an awesome underground metal scene.

I'm also pleasantly surprised that there were a lot of females in both the bands and audience.

Man that was a great concert. I didn't stay too long in Busan though cause I had other stuff to do. I came back early afternoon today to make it to the card shop to play some Magic. One of the military guys I met here is finishing up his time here in Korea so we had a farewell event.

It was pretty fun. We had a legacy tournament where we could proxy cards so people could actually play with real legacy decks. I've never played legacy before but I managed to put a deck together that actually did pretty decently. Ended up fifth in the tournament, well within top eight.

Of the remaining prizes I chose the Russian Electrolyze. Cause #redblue4lyfe.

But yea, pretty fun weekend overall. In other news I randomly applied to be an university reporter for the 2018 Olympics and got chosen, so I'll be doing that from July to December. Should be interesting.

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