Sunday, June 14, 2015

KGSP - Chicken Street

So this week was kind of interesting. Between the regularity of just going to class and stuff, I had some sort of uh, food adventures I guess. Waiting for the TOPIK results to come out is actually surprisingly unnerving.

Like, it's not that bad, but I can't help but have it kind of linger in the back of my mind. As a result I tried to find a bunch of random distractions to distract me from the wait and just help pass the time. Apparently that resulted in some food adventures.

Starting with strawberry covered shrimp chips.

I walked around one night and found that gem in a convenience store. It's honestly the most random combination of food I could think of. Like seriously, shrimp crackers are great. The strawberry covering Pocky has is also great.

But together? That's a weird combination. The taste of it actually wasn't that weird, but the texture is just like, off. And just as a coincidence, the next day one of my Japanese friends brought in this bag of chips which I also got a chance to try.

Peach flavoured chips.

Safe to say Korea out-weirded Japan in this head to head competition. The artificial peach flavour was a bit weird when matched with the potato chips, but overall the combination wasn't as glaringly shocking.

Aside from trying out random snacks, on Friday my friend invited me and a few other friends to help him film a video for Daegu Tourism. My friend got a volunteer position as a foreign reporter for them and apparently they needed some foreigners to help them advertise for the Chicken Street.

Pictured: Foreigners pretending to enjoy being interviewed.

So I naturally joined because I wanted the free food and drinks promised by helping out, so I went. I didn't really know what to expect, but it turned out they wanted to film like, a short segment on the street, specifically focusing on this one restaurant.

So they had us essentially just walk through the street, had us pose at random parts of the street, and interviewed us about our opinions. To be honest a lot of it was not very natural. We had to "act" for a lot of those parts, which I'm sure resulted in some pretty seriously awkward footage.

The food they wanted to advertise. Not the most appetizing appearance but it tasted ok.

Like seriously, at one point they were like "ok after we order the food, we want you to look at the camera and say 반반 뭐예요? (What is NAME_OF_FOOD?)". That was super awkward and felt kinda silly, but they wanted us to do it so after a few takes we managed to do it.

I really want to watch this video. I'm sure it's gonna be so cringe worthy but that's exactly why it'll be fun to watch I think. After the shooting was finished they treated us to a real dinner at the restaurant and essentially said we could eat and drink as much as we wanted.

And as the poor university students we are, we took full advantage of that.

So that was a pretty interesting night. This week has some activities too, TOPIK results come out Tuesday so that'll be a thing. Also watching Jurassic World free of charge courtesy of the language school on Friday and then moving dorms on Sat, so that's some stuff to do.

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