Monday, June 8, 2015

KGSP - Moving On

Just another week of Korean classes really. It's kind of an awkward time of anticipation because in nine days we'll have the results of the April TOPIK come out, and that weekend we have to move again.

So really, there's just a lot of stuff coming up, but that wasn't this week or last week. So nothing that special really happened. It's been pretty hot this week though. When it's not raining it's like 30 degrees and then when the sun shines it feels really hot.

Speaking of the sun, I'm sure this mole I saw today doesn't enjoy it either.

In other news, MERS has been a big thing this week. I didn't really know too much about it, but this last week a lot of stuff have popped up about it. There's like 50 or so cases of MERS in Korea so far, and some people have died from it.

Luckily, Daegu hasn't had a case yet, but a bunch of cities in Korea have it. I'm still not really sure how big of a deal it is yet, but people are just kinda wary about it and just kinda monitoring it. I'm assuming it's mostly media panic, but who knows?

Even MERS doesn't wanna come to Daegu.

I guess one thing that kinda stood out this week was on Thursday. I woke up at 3:45 am that day because I wanted to watch a live stream. A friend of mine back home passed away in October, so the school held a memorial on Thursday for him.

It was a nice gesture. They planted a tree and added a plaque next to the Business and IT Building. So since it was streamed I had to watch it, so I woke up and really tiredly watched the event. It was nice, and you know, gave me a bit of closure considering how I missed his funeral.


But yea. Week of stuff going on, but stuff not really going on as well.

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