Sunday, June 21, 2015

KGSP - TOPIK 3 Complete

So this week wasn't all that eventful, but it was fairly significant. One of the conditions that I have to fulfill before I start my masters in September is that I need to obtain level 3 in the Korean Language Test, TOPIK.

Before I came to Korea, I thought that since I'd be studying for a year, it should be fairly straightforward to obtain. But months rolled on by and I started to realize that it wasn't as easy or stress free as I initially thought. But now I can finally say that I did it.

Yea, technically only 45% on the exam, but whatever it's enough.

The test itself is structured in a very.. unconventional format. I'm not going to really go into it too much, but it's designed to pretty much make everyone feel bad about their Korean skills unless if you are practically fluent or a test master.

That's what happens when you roll in intermediate and advanced proficiency questions into one exam I guess. But anyways, this was the second time I took TOPIK and I more than exceeded the 120 points I needed for level 3. This is good because now I'm gonna aim for level 4, for fun.

Korean exams are so fun they dedicate a room for even more fun.

So now that TOPIK is over with I can go through the rest of my language studies stress free, which is great. To celebrate passing TOPIK, me and some of my friends went out to watch Jurassic World. We were initially going to watch with the language school, but they cancelled it because of MERS.

Speaking of MERS, just so happened that literally the day before we watched it a case of MERS was found in a guy who stayed at the hotel literally across the street from the theatre. But I'm sure I'm ok. I'm honestly not that worried.

But if I do get it, Canada has my back, right?

Other eventful events that happened this week was that the regular Korean semester ended, so we had to once again move to a different dorm room. Back to Mideumdong, the dorm with no private washrooms. Sigh. Only one roommate now, but ugh, public washrooms.

Granted I guess I don't feel as bad about it now as I did back in December. I guess being here for so long, plus having to go through that once before has kind of numbed me to the whole experience. Like I've probably mentioned before, my standards have changed.

We got a special sized room too cause we're next to the electrical room.

But yea, life is better now. I'm a bit more at peace and since I don't have to study TOPIK anymore my brain will probably feel less fried too. Win win all around.

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