Sunday, July 26, 2015

KGSP - Random Things and Gangwon-do

This week was pretty fun too. Class was a bit meh as usual. More presentations and random things and everyone is kinda just waiting for everything to end. Doesn't help that we only had one day of class this week as well.

On Tuesday we had our "cultural class". We were initially going to go to the lake, but there was a threat of heavy rain due to a typhoon, so that was cancelled and we watched a movie instead about the navel battle between North and South Korea in 2002.

No English subtitles so it was like impossible to understand. (Asianwiki)

The following day was the music talent show for the language school. I arrived late because I went to the hospital to pick up my results for the medical check I did on Monday. Which speaking of which, is super annoying because I had to pay for it instead of free I'd pay in Canada.

But anyways, had to be done. The talent show was actually more fun than expected. The performances were good and there were some people that had some serious talent. Was a nice day, especially since there was no class.

Also, friends singing and dancing awkwardly on stage.

The following two days were a trip to Gangwon-do with the language school. The trip started off with a visit to Samchok to take what they called a seaside train to check out the scenery off the ocean off the east coast of Korea.

Unfortunately there were a lot of walls and trees in the way. Was still interesting though. Following that we went to a beach where we could kinda just relax for a while. It was a really hot day so it was much nicer beach weather than the last time in Busan.

Korea is getting seriously hot now ugh.

The day ended off with us going to a nice hotel and eating dinner and doing some wrap up. The nice weather didn't hold up for the second day of the trip though. It was raining hard from the morning up until the late afternoon, so our day was pretty rained on.

Our first stop that day was to Seoraksan. That's a mountain that's pretty famous in Korea and I've always wanted to go hike it. We didn't hike it because it was a class trip, but we took the cable car and looked around the park. Was really nice despite the rain.

But seriously though, I probably have to throw out my shoes now.

Honestly the day was a bit disappointing because of the heavy rain. That and the fact that most of the day was spent in the bus was a bit bleh, but hey, gotta make the most of what you have I guess. The second stop we went to was an island-thing in a river-thing.

I really don't know what that type of place was called, but essentially some guy was put into exile there because there is a river circling it on three sides and a mountain on the last. It was a pretty cool place, but again, lots of rain.

I still don't understand why they have a ferry service when they can easily just build a tunnel or bridge.

That was the last stop of the trip and we headed back to the school after that. The weekend followed right after and despite feeling a bit under the weather because of the weather, I went to two Magic events at the store this weekend.

Did pretty well at the PPTQ on Saturday, didn't do so well at Modern today. Either way, last time playing at the store in Daegu, and I had fun playing, so all is good. Gonna miss the store I think. First store I went to on a semi-regular basis, so it was nice.

I hope Daejeon is half as cool as Daegu (in terms of Magic).

Final week approaches. Feels weird that next week I'll be back at home. When I first came to Daegu I had eleven months to look forward to. Now that's all ending and it feels weird.

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