Sunday, July 12, 2015

KGSP - The Transition Begins

With less than three weeks to go, the transition from being a Korean language student at Keimyung to a masters student at KAIST is starting. It's actually kinda exciting because I'm feeling like, a real person again.

The language program is really wearing on me at this point. So it was a bit refreshing this week when I had another chance to visit KAIST for the department orientation. I honestly didn't really know what to expect cause their email was pretty much just, hey, come.

Even the rooms feel better at KAIST.

Turned out I didn't really need to go. The orientation was for the other three new students to hear about the nine research labs in the department so they can apply to them. However since I already have a supervisor, it wasn't really necessary for me to go.

However, afterwards was good. I met up with some of the people in my research lab and had lunch and just talked about random things. Life, the program, etc. Good time. I'm glad the people in the lab are cool. Also gave me some insight to what to expect when I start in September.

I don't have any more new pictures of KAIST, so here's a sad dog sleeping.

Got to talk to some admin people as well and after telling them I didn't get any emails yet I found out that I literally got their emails that morning. But regardless, got to see where the offices were though, so not a huge loss.

But yea, now the paperwork begins. I have a whole lot of stuff to do again in terms of that. Mostly medical check stuff. I hate doing medical checks. Especially here in Korea cause I have to actually pay for it. I miss Canada.

Actually I had some hot pot the other day that reminded me of home too. Food that actually taste like not spice so good.

In other news, Magic Origins prerelease was today. Did bad, but managed to open a Nissa in my prize pack. So all is well.

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