Monday, September 21, 2015

KGSP - Getting Things Done

This week I actually had some work to do, which is pretty good. I still don't have a research project yet, but I was assigned a bunch of random tasks to do which took up some of my time. Actually because of that I'm doing my first Monday blog post since the semester started.

I'm actually not sure what I'm allowed to be sharing, so I won't say anything in detail. I was given a 3D scanner to play with so I've been playing with that. It's pretty cool actually, but there are issues with it so it's not perfect, but that's expected.

I mutilated an apple in the name of science.

Classes have been going on too. My Interaction Design class has its first project information up but I'm not sure what to make for it. We're supposed to make something that we need, but I can't think of anything. I'm fairly certain I can make it, I just need to think about what to make.

Outside of classes I went to check out another area in Daejeon over the weekend. I actually like the area around City Hall, there's a sports complex where you can skate or swim, a park, a lot of restaurants and shops, and of course the Magic store.

Some monument in the park.

The Magic store in Daejeon is better than the one in Daegu. It actually feels like a normal card shop but the focus of it is on Yugioh and not Magic, but still, it feels better. I did a draft there and did alright actually, so that's good. I'll probably go and play every once and a while.

Sunday ran a bit late so I didn't have a chance to do my blog post then. But essentially the lab needed my help in taking some videos and pictures for a conference they're submitting to. That was pretty fun. Aside from the mosquitoes.

It's almost fall, meaning it's almost winter, meaning mosquitoes will be gone soon.

God damn mosquitoes are terrible. Ughhh my armsss. Oh, next week is Chuseok so I'll do another Monday morning blog post.

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