Monday, September 28, 2015

KGSP - Second Chuseok

You know, time is always a relative thing. you never really think about it too much. You just kinda get a feel for it when you think about the time left for things ahead and when you look back at things. I find that especially when you look back, the impact of time feels bigger.

Chuseok is my example for this case. This is my second Chuseok in Korea. That's a yearly event that I've already experienced twice. Really brings home how much time I've spent in this country. It's not necessarily bad or good, but just kinda interesting when all things are considered.

Eating a Chuseok dinner on the floor of a two room in Seoul.

Last year's Chuseok was memorable as it was the first time I celebrated the mid-autumn festival in a country that actually celebrates it. Last time me and some friends ordered some chicken and ate it on a bench by the dorm. Then for dinner we went for BBQ at a place called What.

This time around we have an additional year of Korean experience. We're all jaded and the honeymoon period has been long gone. We're all also pretty comfortably settled in not-Daegu doing our graduate studies.

Also I found out that my department has a shower if I actually wanna live in the lab.

So that mean we could celebrate for real. My friends in Seoul invited me over to their place for dinner and we had a proper home cooked meal and could share some quality time together as a big group of friends.

It was actually pretty great. We haven't hung out in a big group like that for a long time so being able to do so, especially in a new environment, was really fun. Conversation was good, food was good, and overall a good time was had.

And now we know we can fit at least 12 people in this living room.

Definitely a huge improvement over the last Chuseok.

It was made even better that this weekend was prerelease for Battle for Zendikar so the day following the Chuseok dinner we went to the card shop in Seoul for that. The shop itself was quite nice, best once I've seen in Korea so far.

Also I opened a card (currently) valued at $130 so.

Aside from that I've been going through grad school as usual. Classes are starting to pick up on their term projects and stuff, and this week was a lot of time spent helping the others in the lab with their conference submissions. Getting a taste of that grad school life and feeling totally ok about it actually.

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