Sunday, October 25, 2015

KGSP - Father and Son in Busan

This week was kinda nice. My dad came to visit for a few days so I got a chance to not only see him but to hit up Busan again. I like Busan, so going back to Busan was nice, especially after going to Seoul so much this past month.

It's crazy if you think about it. I went to Seoul three weeks in a row at the start of the month, went to Daegu for a day last week, and then Busan this past weekend. It's like I hate Daejeon (and my wallet) or something.

But tbh I rather sight see in Busan than Seoul.

Me and my dad met up in Daejeon and then headed over to Busan. First thing we did in Busan was go to Haeundae and then take a boat tour. The boat went off the coast of Haeundae, Gwangalli and then did a loop around Oryukdo for a nice view of the city and coast.

It was a pretty nice ride. It was cool too because a ton of seagulls followed the boat. People were feeding them and the birds managed to fly alongside a moving boat and pluck food out of people's hands. That was impressive

Although they did come a bit too close for comfort a tiny bit.

The next day was really tiring. It turned out the fireworks festival was that weekend. Although I wasn't planning on going this year, the fact that I was in Busan during the festival pretty much means we should go check it out.

But we didn't want to spend the whole day waiting on the beach, so we went sightseeing in the morning and afternoon and decided to settle for watching the fireworks as a standee. I didn't know where to go so I just went to a cluster of places I went to before.

I also ate this cute little dessert thing.

We went to Jalgachi Fish Market, Gukje Market and Gamcheon Cultural Village which is honestly a nice way to spend a few hours to see Busan's cultural and historic side. Afterwards we had a bit more time so we went to the UN Memorial Cemetery.

That was kinda cool. As weird as it is, I kinda like going to war cemeteries. They're very peaceful. It also brings some sort of weird humility and mortality feeling that kinda gets you thinking about things. Just so happened that we went on the 70th anniversary of the UN too.

I had this cool picture of the fountain from the other side but then afterwards I realized my finger was in it.

Following that we ate dinner at Shinsegae and then headed over to Gwangalli for the fireworks festival. Despite showing up 1.5h early for the event, that is pretty much late. No chance you were getting a good spot.

We ended up standing behind a lot of people while a lot of other people were shoving and scrambling behind us. There was even a traffic light in front of us which blocked the view a bit, but it was still a good show.

Not pictured: The other million people on the beach.

I still think the Busan Fireworks Festival is the best fireworks show I've seen, despite the bad viewing arrangements. Anyways, the weekend was really tiring. Lots of standing and walking. But overall it was nice to see my dad again.

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