Monday, October 19, 2015

KGSP - Korean Style

This week was just straight up busy. I forgot to post my blog yesterday, so here's another Monday blog post. This week had nothing momentous as far as stuff goes, but I got a lot of stuff done. I had a chance to eat a bunch of random Korean foods this week.

This was a bit different than normal because the cafeteria doesn't really change too much, but I had a few things this week that was different. I had this pizza last week which was pretty good, but looked a bit odd.

That, that's cheese right?

There is in fact cheese on that pizza. There is also cheese in the pizza, which made it pretty good. However the white powder is not cheese. It is in fact powdered sugar. Why would people think it would be a good idea to put sugar on a salty pizza is beyond me, but there it is.

The day after we had our weekly lab meeting. The last few weeks we just ordered in for our food, but this week we went out. We went to this Japanese restaurant that had a few fusion items so I got a pasta that everyone else was ordering.

Yes this is pasta at a Japanese restaurant.

That was a really strange pasta. It was like, spicy with some weird creamy sauce on it with some fish eggs. It was just a weird combination. Classic Korea mixing random things together and seeing if it works I guess.

Aside from that I also did a short trip to Daegu. I had some issues with Daegu Bank, and being Daegu Bank they only had a branch in Daegu so I had to go in person to resolve it. Short one day trip, was only really there for an afternoon, but I met some friends and resolved some other issues too.

This is in fact not Korean, but is probably in the same vein of food as above anyways.

Now, anyone that has lived in Korea knows this, but using the Internet here is actually a pain. South Korea has the fastest Internet in the world and is very connected. But they also have a bunch of redundant, annoying security systems in place that makes everything super annoying.

It's worse when you are a foreigner because of language issues first of all, but also because you weren't integrated into the system so you have to apply for all the random things and do all the random things to get things to work.

I have no relevant picture so here's a picture of a flower festival near my school.

It's just a pain. A huge pain. Phone numbers, banks, Internet Explorer, random plugins. Everything is linked together and is just a huge convoluted mess. It takes so much more time to do things than they should. This was the reason why I went to Daegu, because doing it over the phone doesn't work.

Ugh. But at least I got it resolved this time. Hopefully no more issues going forward.

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