Monday, November 9, 2015

KGSP - Fanboy Mode Engaged

Another Monday post. Failed yet again! I was really tired over the weekend so despite remembering that I needed to write a blog post, I ended up forgetting after all. This weekend was BlizzCon weekend, so it was pretty hype.

Like last year, I wanted to watch the opening ceremony live. But again, like last year, I'm still in Korea so because of time difference the ceremony was at 4 AM. So after spending the day in the lab and the night with some friends, I went back to the dorm to check out the show.

BlizzCon is a wonderful time.

It was totally worth the hype. Might not have been as hypey as last year, but last year was pretty hype. Despite that, I am totally a Blizzard fanboy so everything they announce is super hype. This year was pretty light on new announcements, but still good.

WarCraft movie trailer, WoW Legion opening cinematic, new footage for Overwatch, new expansion for Hearthstone, and of course new news for StarCraft II as well. Blizzard once again delivers a fantastic string of videos to watch and be amazed about.

I honestly liked this trailer more than the movie one.

The night after the opening ceremony, I woke up early to head to a PC Bang. It just so happened that on Sunday the campus was doing some maintenance so there was no electricity, therefore no Internet either. That's no good.

So I woke up before the electricity got shut off and went to a PC Bang and sat there for four hours watching the WCS Grand Finals for StarCraft II. Super tense and back and forth games. Super exciting and fun to watch.

StarCraft so good.

I was participating in a bracket competition on Team Liquid too. Almost placed into the prizing but the guy I predicted to win didn't win (very close though). Oh well, was a good tournament anyways.

The rest of the week wasn't too exciting. I went and bought the Holiday Box for Magic's Battle for Zendikar so I could store the cards I have in them. It came with five English packs but English packs are boring so I traded them for Russian packs.

At last, sorted by set, language and colour.

It turns out I have a lot of Magic cards.

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