Sunday, November 15, 2015


Second year in Korea, second year of going to GSTAR, Korea's biggest game convention. Last year was a lot of fun. Me and two friends went to Busan for the day and enjoyed some good StarCraft and checked out some other games before heading back to Daegu for the day.

But this year was different. The same two friends I went with now live in different cities as me. One in Seoul, one in Daegu, and of course myself in Daejeon. Plus with everyone's schedules different as well it made coordinating a lot more difficult this year.

But one thing that doesn't change is this stupid line up to buy tickets.

We were so hyped from last year that we told ourselves that this year we would go for the weekend instead of a day and just make it epic. Unfortunately that didn't pan out because of scheduling differences.

As a result, one of my friends ended up going alone on Friday. I had class on Friday so I couldn't join him, but it has been a while so I wanted to see him anyways, so after class I took the train to Busan to grab dinner with him.

I don't have a picture of our dinner, but this was my breakfast the next morning. Literally potatoes, bread and cheese.

I only got to see my friend for about an hour and a half because he had to get back to Daegu, so afterwards I went to a PC Bang to finish the night off with some StarCraft. Legacy of the Void just came out so I played some co-op missions and team missions with a friend back in Canada.

That was fun, but when it came time to sleep I wandered over to the Hotel Aqua Palace by Gwangalli Beach. Since it was a pretty YOLO trip to begin with I didn't have any accommodations booked so I just slept in the Jjimjilbang there.

My standards have dropped, but this is still probably the nicest Jjimjilbang in the area.

See, it would be nice if I didn't realize upon walking in there that since it is a "nicer" one that it attracts more people, specifically families. And man, crying babies are absolutely the worst. Yea sure the view is nice, but it doesn't matter when you just want to sleep. And those lights man.

But whatever, the next morning I woke up and made it to BEXCO half an hour early. Regardless, two hours in line to buy a ticket. After finally getting in I walked around for a few hours. There was a lot of people so the lineups for everything were hours long.

I think going on a weekday is key. Maybe next year.

There wasn't much I wanted to try anyways. The one thing I wanted to had a two - three hour queue so I said nope to that and just walked around to check things out. A lot of smaller companies and game schools were there with their stuff. Lots of VR stuff going on.

As far as big companies go, Sony had a cool section with their own VR stuff and some demos of their upcoming games. Square Enix had a showing by partnering with LG to showcase Final Fantasy XIV. Not sure what's new with that game, but they had a lot of people interested in it.

But to be fair, they were top 3 in the booth babes ranking though.

They gave out a lot of cool swag at the Final Fantasy area, but unfortunately I didn't get anything. For their quiz I had zero chance of winning anything until they asked who came from the furthest. But Canada doesn't count since I didn't go just for the convention. Although they didn't even ask me.

Overall the event was alright. I feel like last year was better for me. There was a cool StarCraft event and there was more stuff that I was interested in. It was still alright, but kinda tiring. Plus being alone made it not feel as great as last time.

Not as lonely as this Orange Mushroom though.

Hopefully next year I can go again and do it properly. We said this last year and it failed this year, but here's hoping next year will be better.

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