Sunday, November 29, 2015

KGSP - The Korean Cold

Honestly this week was very similar to the last week. Next week is the week where everything is due so this week was just the same in the sense that I was just working on projects and (attempting to do some) studying for my exam.

Aside from that, the one interesting thing that happened this week was that it started to snow. Last winter it only snowed a handful of times and each time it wasn't much. So it was a really big surprise when I woke up on Thursday and saw this outside my window.

Not bad for a first snow in Korea.

It was an awkward temperature of around 0, so the snow didn't actually stick around on the ground that much, but it snowed a decent amount. I was actually surprised because despite it not accumulating, a lot of it actually fell.

That actually lifted my spirits a bit. Walking to the lab in the snow felt really great actually. Sure, it was kinda cold, but it felt good. Reminded me of home. Lately I've been kinda missing home a bit so the faint reminder was very welcoming.

Fifteen minutes outside.

Guess it's that time of year huh? Similarly to last year when winter started rolling around and holiday season started up I also had a similar feeling of homesickness. Living in Korea has been alright, but sometimes you just want a bit of that life that you were so used to before this whole thing.

As far as school goes I'm still fairly certain I'm screwed for this upcoming exam. The structure of the class and the content of the class don't mix with me. Nothing is sticking and it sucks. Projects are coming along though thankfully. 

Seriously, we even have a cat and some horses.

My other project hit a weird snag because I kept throwing things at it until it became a monstrous idea. It wasn't even very good to be honest so when I had a new, better, idea come to me, I just threw out the original idea and started fresh.

Yea, I scrapped a project and restarted it less than a week before its due. It's that time of year again where there are just zero fucks left to give.

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