Sunday, November 1, 2015

KGSP - Moving Labs

This week was tiring. Like, actually tiring. There was a decent amount of work that was due this week, but not too much that it would've been a crazy amount. However, we had to move our lab this week so that took up a lot of my time and energy.

Previously, our lab was on the fourth floor of our department building. As far as I know they've had it for a few years. However this year some older faculty members retired so their rooms vacated. As a result, they were ripe for the taking.

Moving labs, energy brought to you by extremely Korean pizzas.

So since it was vacant, my professor decided to claim it. This was a good opportunity since it meant we could renovate the room however we want to make it newer, more personalized and more functional.

This also meant that once we move out of our lab, our old space could be renovated for our new professor too. So overall it seemed like a good idea. However what is not a good idea is actually moving everything down one floor.

Also I "discovered" this door in the old lab. I like how there are still pictures on it.

That was a pain. Not only did we have renovation issues that caused some delays, but the actual move was such an energy drain. We have a lot of stuff. And worst of all it's not even all properly sorted so I'll have to go organize it next week.

Plus all our furniture. We had some new furniture, but we also had to move a lot of the old stuff too. Extra shout out goes towards the super heavy tables that we have two of for some reason. My arms are still kinda sore and it's been a few days.

New lab with higher (and blue) ceilings.

The new lab is nice though. It's obviously newer and I like it more than the old one. More comfortable work environment. Plus now that we finished the move, we just need to organize and clean things. Once that's done we don't have to deal with this anymore.

It will be nice to just focus on class and lab work again. We're starting some of the programming projects and assignments in my Interaction Design class so that's exciting. Feels a lot better to be doing something in my element.

Also finally had time to finish putting this together.

Overall the week was alright. Tiring, but alright. Weather is getting colder now too, took me kinda off guard.

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