Sunday, December 27, 2015

KGSP - Christmas in Seoul

Well, Christmas is over. That was a pretty fun one though. Last year I just stayed in Daegu and hung out with friends. This year I went to Seoul and hung out with friends. Different city means different things to do so it was pretty fun.

But before I went to Seoul my lab mates wanted to have our own little party in the lab, so on Wednesday we went and bought some stuff and then spent the night making and eating fun little Christmas snacks and food.

I made this demon bear thing.

That was pretty fun. I don't hang out with my lab mates like that often, so it was nice. Following that day I went to Seoul to meet up with some friends. Every day was pretty much just hanging out with people and stuff so it was nice.

But man, going to Seoul is cool and all, but apparently like infinity people also decide to go to Seoul during Christmas. Go figure. Even just walking platform to platform at the transfer station took like 20 minutes.

Ugh people.

Aside from there being a ton of people everywhere, it was still fun. Seeing friends is always fun. Then yesterday I went to watch the GSL Pre-Season semis and finals with some friends. That was pretty fun too.

First Legacy of the Void event I went to. The semis were kind of unexciting but the finals were pretty fun. After the people cleared out me and my friends had some fun on the stage too. I don't have those pictures yet but those should be kind of fun.

A bunch of foreigners sitting in the front row meant we were on camera a lot.

Overall pretty solid week. December is a pretty big strain on the bank though, but it's all worth it in the end really. Next week should be fun too considering it's New Years. Not sure what I'm going to do yet though.

Monday, December 21, 2015

KGSP - The Most eSports of Weekends

This was a planned Monday blog post. And for good reason. It was the last week of the semester and I wanted to go to Seoul to meet some friends and to just relax a bit considering how the semester took a lot out of me.

A lot of my friends were also just leaving Korea to go home for the winter too, so I figured this was a good time to go. So I made the trip north on Friday morning and went to the NIIED end of the year ceremony first because why not.

Where I got a selfie with Sam from 비정상회담.

That was pretty nice. I had a bunch of friends that went as well so it was kind of a surprise to see random people at the event. Turned out that they pulled in Sam to MC the event too. That was kind of cool. Used to watch Abnormal Summit a lot. Need to get back to watching over the break.

After that I went to my friend's place and got the Magic crew together and played some Magic. That was really fun. Like we were just playing and next thing you know we've been playing for nine hours. That was a bit much cause I wanted to wake up early the next day, but it was great.

I wanted to wake up for this.

Flash, one of the best StarCraft players of all time, decided to retire. It just so happened that his retirement ceremony was on Saturday, so despite being a bit sleep deprived, I woke up and went to the venue to see him off.

It was a nice ceremony. It felt a bit too close to a funeral at some points, but it was a really nice gesture for everyone to come out and do this for him. Lots of current and ex-pros came out and it was overall a good time.

They even gave out a mug with his mug on it.

The gift bag they gave out was really nice too, and kind of important for this next part of the story. I thought the mug was really cool so I posted on Team Liquid about it. One of the mods messaged me about the mug and wanted me to grab a bag for him cause he was busy with press stuff.

So I was like sure, so I got an extra one and after the event met up with him and gave him the cup. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the day and just went to a bunch of video game related stuff. That was kinda cool.

Went to check out some Hearthstone at an incredibly stuffy venue.

Now, a bit of backstory before I continue. When I was in Germany for my exchange two years ago I went to an eSports bar a lot because those are awesome. I met some cool people there and one of those people came to Korea for the semester.

Long story short, she got invited to Artosis' Christmas party. When she told me she was going I was super hyped and super jealous. I ended up being her plus one. The Team Liquid mod was invited too so the three of us met up on Sunday and went to Artosis' house.

This is Artosis' dog. She is the most wonderful dog ever.

Seriously. I went to Artosis' house for a Christmas party. It was amazing. All of the English casters were there, some players were there and some other industry people were there too. It was super surreal seeing all these people in real life. Especially together in such a casual environment.

That was already really cool. But next thing I know the door rings again and Mike Morhaim walks in. At this point I was floored. This was the CEO of my favourite game company. The CEO of the company I dream of working for.

This is probably my favourite selfie forever.

It was insane. Like I can't even express my starstruckness for the night. It was just so overwhelming that I, some random dude, was there just chilling with these awesome people. I had to leave the party a bit early because I had to go back to Daejeon, but oh man that was a great time.

I'm not sure if I'll ever have this kind of opportunity again, but I will remember this forever. I'm going back to Seoul this weekend for Christmas, but it's going to have a hard time matching up to this one.

I even had a sweet potato latte somewhere during this.

And for documentation purposes, here's the list of people that were there yesterday. Artosis and his family, Tasteless, Wolf, Branden, Doa, Monte, State, John the Translator, GoRush, Mike Morhaim and his and family, GTR and a bunch of other people that work behind the scenes. Amazing.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

KGSP - The Last of the First

Looking back at my previous blog posts it seems like crunch time for me literally started like a month ago. It's been like four or five weeks since the work just started piling on and not relenting. It's been a pretty crazy time.

Sure, I've had a few random sporadic breaks to make sure I don't drown in my absolute work misery, but for the most part I've been crunching for about a month now. I don't even think the crunch at UOIT was this bad. Or maybe it was but it was just more "enjoyable" in a way.

More enjoyable than this Chizza anyways, which isn't saying much.

I dunno. The weather is getting colder and holiday season is in full force which just makes everything worse. People are getting ready to go home and be with friends and family and I'm just here like getting random projects and work done.

Plus a bunch of my friends that I met here in Daejeon are exchange students or students that are finishing up their semester this semester. Regardless, it means a lot of them are leaving and going home in the next week. Doesn't feel as festive when your friends are leaving.

But at least I discovered the Daejeon ISIS branch with them before they left.

The week itself was ok. The previously mentioned friends are getting ready to leave so I spent some time with them. Went to the shop to play some Magic on Friday but no Koreans were there because it was the end of the semester and so the event was cancelled. Ended up doing a sealed at the school instead.

Then Saturday was nice too. Another friend had a farewell dinner so we went to that for some nice food. It was like a German restaurant and it was absolutely filled with non-Koreans so it felt like we weren't in Korea anymore. Felt good. After that we went to watch the newest Hunger Games.

I'm not going to lie, I was thoroughly disappointed. (Wikipedia)

School stuff has been ok too. Had a really weird lunch with the department head, some other professors and some other foreign students on Tuesday. It was weird cause it was just literally small talk while we were served a four course meal. That was odd.

Work is work obviously. The next week is the final week of the semester so my three courses all have stuff due. There's something new everyday essentially so it's going to be busy, but every night is going to feel even better as things get crossed off the list.

Speaking of nights, the new winter decorations around campus are cool.

I really can't wait for the semester to end. I have lots planned for the winter break. In fact I just went yesterday and found a one room apartment too. I'll be moving into that in three weeks which I'm actually really looking forward to. Sick of the dorms and just want my own place.

Next week might be an intentional Monday blog post. Not sure yet, but we'll see.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

KGSP - Eye of the Storm

So the last few weeks were really busy. Had an exam on Tuesday that I luckily passed and my two projects that were due Thursday were received reasonably well too, so the first set of business was a success in my opinion.

With the the most demanding week so far completed, I decided to go to Seoul to just kinda relax and unwind a bit. It's been a while since I went to Seoul to see my friends, and considering how I just finished so much and had a bit of a breather it seemed like a good time.

Project for my Interaction Design course, coming to you on Google Play once I polish it up more.

It was nice seeing so many people again. It turned out it wasn't the best timing because of the fact that everyone else was in the middle of end of semester projects/papers/exams and stuff so a lot of people were busy.

So while I was just out doing random things like shopping for gifts and stuff people were working. Bad timing, but either way, it was nice to get out of Daejeon and just kinda do random things again. I really wanted to watch the new Hunger Games but my timing was bad.

I don't always take group selfies, but when I do its because people insist really hard.

But now that I'm back in Daejeon, it's time to get back into work mode again. I still have two projects due in the next two weeks with random presentations and meetings sprinkled throughout there as well. Still got a decent amount to do, but this really is the final stretch.

Crunch time this semester seems like it's been going on for a bit longer than normal. It's gonna be like a month by the time everything is said and done. Pretty crazy. I am looking forward to the break though. I really want to start looking for an apartment.

I've acquired so much random stuff to hang on the walls of my hypothetical apartment.

Sure, I'll still have lab work and while I do that a bunch of my friends are going on vacation or going home but whatever. I just want my classes to be over.