Sunday, December 27, 2015

KGSP - Christmas in Seoul

Well, Christmas is over. That was a pretty fun one though. Last year I just stayed in Daegu and hung out with friends. This year I went to Seoul and hung out with friends. Different city means different things to do so it was pretty fun.

But before I went to Seoul my lab mates wanted to have our own little party in the lab, so on Wednesday we went and bought some stuff and then spent the night making and eating fun little Christmas snacks and food.

I made this demon bear thing.

That was pretty fun. I don't hang out with my lab mates like that often, so it was nice. Following that day I went to Seoul to meet up with some friends. Every day was pretty much just hanging out with people and stuff so it was nice.

But man, going to Seoul is cool and all, but apparently like infinity people also decide to go to Seoul during Christmas. Go figure. Even just walking platform to platform at the transfer station took like 20 minutes.

Ugh people.

Aside from there being a ton of people everywhere, it was still fun. Seeing friends is always fun. Then yesterday I went to watch the GSL Pre-Season semis and finals with some friends. That was pretty fun too.

First Legacy of the Void event I went to. The semis were kind of unexciting but the finals were pretty fun. After the people cleared out me and my friends had some fun on the stage too. I don't have those pictures yet but those should be kind of fun.

A bunch of foreigners sitting in the front row meant we were on camera a lot.

Overall pretty solid week. December is a pretty big strain on the bank though, but it's all worth it in the end really. Next week should be fun too considering it's New Years. Not sure what I'm going to do yet though.

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