Sunday, December 13, 2015

KGSP - The Last of the First

Looking back at my previous blog posts it seems like crunch time for me literally started like a month ago. It's been like four or five weeks since the work just started piling on and not relenting. It's been a pretty crazy time.

Sure, I've had a few random sporadic breaks to make sure I don't drown in my absolute work misery, but for the most part I've been crunching for about a month now. I don't even think the crunch at UOIT was this bad. Or maybe it was but it was just more "enjoyable" in a way.

More enjoyable than this Chizza anyways, which isn't saying much.

I dunno. The weather is getting colder and holiday season is in full force which just makes everything worse. People are getting ready to go home and be with friends and family and I'm just here like getting random projects and work done.

Plus a bunch of my friends that I met here in Daejeon are exchange students or students that are finishing up their semester this semester. Regardless, it means a lot of them are leaving and going home in the next week. Doesn't feel as festive when your friends are leaving.

But at least I discovered the Daejeon ISIS branch with them before they left.

The week itself was ok. The previously mentioned friends are getting ready to leave so I spent some time with them. Went to the shop to play some Magic on Friday but no Koreans were there because it was the end of the semester and so the event was cancelled. Ended up doing a sealed at the school instead.

Then Saturday was nice too. Another friend had a farewell dinner so we went to that for some nice food. It was like a German restaurant and it was absolutely filled with non-Koreans so it felt like we weren't in Korea anymore. Felt good. After that we went to watch the newest Hunger Games.

I'm not going to lie, I was thoroughly disappointed. (Wikipedia)

School stuff has been ok too. Had a really weird lunch with the department head, some other professors and some other foreign students on Tuesday. It was weird cause it was just literally small talk while we were served a four course meal. That was odd.

Work is work obviously. The next week is the final week of the semester so my three courses all have stuff due. There's something new everyday essentially so it's going to be busy, but every night is going to feel even better as things get crossed off the list.

Speaking of nights, the new winter decorations around campus are cool.

I really can't wait for the semester to end. I have lots planned for the winter break. In fact I just went yesterday and found a one room apartment too. I'll be moving into that in three weeks which I'm actually really looking forward to. Sick of the dorms and just want my own place.

Next week might be an intentional Monday blog post. Not sure yet, but we'll see.

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