Monday, February 8, 2016

KGSP - Pre-Vacation Rush

This is a Monday blog post, but I have a fairly good reason this time. On Saturday I got on a plane and I'm now in Hong Kong. It's Chinese New Year so I figured it would be the perfect time to take some time off from the lab and get out of Korea.

I'll probably write about my vacation in some future blog entries. I might do something different though, not sure. Regardless, the week leading up to my vacation was pretty ok too. It was mostly a pretty big rush though.

All because of these guys.

Since I'm in HK and I'm currently writing this blog through tethering my phone, I'm going to keep this short. Essentially I had to finish some work before I left for vacation so I spent a lot of time working on that this week.

And for some reason our professor decided to have a tea party on Friday so we had that. It was pretty random but I guess it broke up the day a bit. Regardless, lots of work await me when I go back cause the semester will be starting soon, and so will our project work.

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