Sunday, March 27, 2016

KGSP - Incoherent Timelines

We're almost through the first month of the semester! That's good because that's one month closer to finishing the semester, but at the same time there's still a solid three months left in the semester. Still a lot of time left, but at the rate the work is accumulating it might not be enough.

For the most part this week was pretty standard. One thing that stuck out though was that for some reason my supervisor wanted the lab to go for a barbecue. This isn't exactly out of the blue because we do lab lunches and dinners every once and a while.

But outside barbecues, I haven't had one of these in a while.

Instead of going to a meat restaurant like we normally did, we went to the small mountain in the middle of KAIST and had our own barbecue in the barbecuing area. Yes, my school has a barbecue area next to the outdoor auditorium. It's pretty great actually.

Typing this post out actually reminded me that I don't know how to spell barbecue. I've spelled it wrong every time and used a Q where there shouldn't be one. A situation where the acronym messes with you a bit too much I guess.

First time using a chimney to start up the coals.

It was kinda fun. Food was alright, but the weather was a bit cold. Weather has been weird lately. It's nice and warm in the afternoon but in the morning and night it's still chilly. Don't like it. I think I got a small cold too, my throat and nose have been bothering me for a while now.

Outside of school it's been alright as well. School has been the major thing in my life now, so it's a bit weird when I'm seeing posts from friends back at home posting about their last assignments or end of the year celebrations.

And I'm just like, making curry that's too watery.

Since Korea's school year starts in March and Canada's school year ends in April, there's a real big disjoint between them. Now that the semester for us is actually going, the ones back at home is ending. So the feeling is a bit weird. The longer I live here the more disconnected I feel.

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