Sunday, March 6, 2016

KGSP - An Interesting Start

After two days of public holiday, the Spring 2016 semester officially started on Wednesday. This semester is going to be rough. I'm taking four classes which by itself is a lot of work, but I'm also leading the development on a project for the lab too.

All things together means that this semester is gonna be brutal. I normally don't think about these things too much before they even begin, but I guess times have changed and I'm not looking forward to it.

I distracted myself by buying this scratch map of the world. Toronto isn't even on it.

So despite only having a short week due to the holidays, this week was interesting. For one, I went to the first lecture for all of my classes. Two of the classes I'm taking, Design Project I and Motion Graphics, seem to be the most time consuming classes.

Lots of projects, but with a heavy payout if I do them well. Another class, Interface Design, is my final undergraduate class I need to take. The first lecture was by far the most interesting lecture at my time here so far, which is good. The last class is Scientific Writing, which, well.

A mandatory masters level class at one of the top schools in Korea people.

It's an EFL class. Apparently until the midterm it's essentially going to be like elementary school English class. After the midterm is when it gets more sciencey. Naturally I'm not too happy with this. Sure, it's going to be easy, but it's going to drive me insane at the same time.

Aside from school starting, the weather is starting to warm up a bit too. It's hitting the teens now, which is a fair indicator that it's no longer winter. I'm ok with warmer weather. I'm getting tired of wearing a jacket all the time, so warm weather is good.

But it rained so much our foot bridge disappeared.

I really want to do well this semester. This is my last semester before I start to officially work on my thesis, so doing well here gives a ton of bonuses. There's a lot of work even just getting it done, so getting it done well.. well, gonna be tough. Doable, but tough.

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